10 Important Reasons Using Virtual Office

This Special article will discuss about Reasons using virtual office.

What should I do first to establish a company in Indonesia? As a company owner, expanding business in other country is always in the top list. The answer of the first thing to establish a company is having business address. 


Starting a company in Indonesia should come along with owning office space to pass the regulation Indonesia that disallows any residential area in company registration process. Meanwhile, to avoid significant investment, there is a way out for owning company in Indonesia. Reasons  of using Virtual Office and serviced office could be the best option to smooth your company registration In Indonesia.


Not only large companies, but many small companies or people who run their business from home could utilize Virtual Office for the solution of having business address with reduction of cost production. Not stop with that, Virtual Office also support many facilities necessary to support your daily business activities such as well-design conference room, high-tech technology such as video conferences, phone handling, email handling and many other facilities you can get like you own professional office.


10 important reasons of using virtual office in Indonesia:

  1. Professional business address – You can increase your company reputation with having prestigious office address without paying expensive renting cost.
  2. Cost savings – You can feel the big saving of your cost from renting virtual office because it doesn’t as expansive as buying office space.
  3. Reception services – You can focus in running your business because Virtual office provide reception service to handle collecting the mails, parcels and other activities.
  4. Communication services – You can have your own phone and fax number. Then our highly-skilled receptionist could handle the calls, voicemail, and other communication business.
  5. Meeting rooms – You can make your client amaze with your office space because you can ask them to meet in meeting rooms and conference room that design professionally.
  6. Office Space – You don’t have to be worry if you have emergency situation because in addition of meeting rooms, virtual office also offer temporary office or work space to clients for short of long term.
  7. Facilities – You can completely feel like owing professional office space because virtual office also offer many additional facilities like conferencing equipment, lounges, kitchen, wireless Internet, printer with scan, office phone, etc.
  8. Low start-up cost – You will get significant cost advantage in renting virtual office than buying office.
  9. Operation resources management – You can only take care of dealing your business while by using virtual.
  10. Market Entry Consulting Services – You can also find consulting services that will assist in many services such as company registration in Indonesia, business licenses applications, product registration, trade mark registration, accounting and tax reporting, payroll outsourcing, working visa and so on.

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