10 Reasons to Start Using A Virtual Office in Indonesia Now

For all aspiring entrepreneur, startups, or a small firm with only a few employees, it’s understandable that you’re always cautious of your expenses and worried by the large investments in physical space. Let’s face it – rent of physical office or space is the largest expense for most business owners.

However, there are the right solutions for you to avoid paying rent, while still being able to reap the benefits of a physical office—one of the solutions is to consider a virtual office.

A virtual office allows you to perform business operations as usual without the hefty overhead and take your business to the next level.

In this article, we will highlight the ten important reasons why you should consider a virtual office in Indonesia.

1. Professional Business Address

You can increase your company reputation by having a prestigious office address without paying expensive renting costs.

Your address is not just a note at a business card. In Indonesia, well-known business areas and prestigious locations are much more important than in other countries. It is one of the factors that might jeopardise your professionalism and credibility.

2. Cost Savings

A lot of other additional costs will incur when you rent or own a physical office space. Apart from the rental cost, you will need to fork out a significant amount of money for office setup and maintenance. For example, office supplies, furniture, insurance. However, with a virtual office, all those mentioned costs do not apply.

3. Reception Services

You can now focus on running your business because a virtual office provides reception services such as call, voicemail and email handling.

4. Free Phone and Fax Number

You don’t even need to own a phone or fax number for your daily operation. You will have your own free telephone line and email address, and the highly-skilled receptionist at a virtual office will handle all the communications for you.

5. Meeting and Conference Rooms

Virtual offices have actual office settings such as meeting rooms or conference rooms that can be used for appointments with your client. Having appointments in a well-designed meeting room will add an extra level of professionalism to your business.

6. Working Space and Other Facilities

In addition to meeting rooms, a virtual office also offer long-term or short-term office or working space to clients in case of an emergency that won’t allow you to travel back to your workspace immediately. A virtual office also offers many other facilities such as lounges, kitchen, Internet, printer and scanner.

7. Access to International Talent

A physical space will usually limit your business to talents within a specified location. However, by allowing people to work remotely with a virtual office, you will have unlimited access to a pool of talent from all over the world.

8. Consulting Services

You will also be able to access various consulting services through your virtual office service provider. The professional consultants will assist you when you start a business such as company registration, business license and permit application, product registration, visa application, tax and accounting services.

9. Increased Productivity

Most people are more satisfied and happier doing work from home due to the extra flexibility and freedom. These perks contribute to employee’s heightened productivity and self-discipline.

10. Local SEO Benefits

While business owners have just started to make a market entry in a new location, a virtual office space can help build up your SEO position.

With the address and phone number provided along with a virtual office, you can make your business rank for certain search terms locally without having an expensive physical space.


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