1+7 Reasons Get Your Business in Indonesia Independent

August is the month when Indonesia celebrates its independence day. As you run your business in this greatest archipelago in the world, you will need to know some similarities about the characteristics of this country and your decision to establish an independent office in this country.

#1.  Both of Indonesia and Your Office Present an Proportional Demand and Supply Equation

You wish to get into a comprehensive market of an economically fast growing nation that will welcome your products and services and finally become loyal customers of your company, whereas this country offers eager and dynamic consumers who are seeking for branded or foreign products that will not only fulfill their needs but also increase their prestige.

For your information, Indonesian consumers are dominated by urban communities who are so willing to use products or services that come from foreign countries. If you have an independent representative in Indonesia, it means that you are targeting the biggest population with the highest purchasing power in Indonesia.

Starting your initial step in doing businesses in Indonesia should be done by having an independent office because the government clearly regulates that. Thus, it is time for your to get your business independent, now.

#2. Getting Your Business Independently Means You Have a Full Control of Your Company

You can either set up a company or simply have a representative office in Indonesia to be able to enter the vast market in Indonesia. The differences between setting up a foreign company and establishing a representative office lay on the bureaucracy, administration, and capitals needed.

To create a foreign company needs more capitals with a more complex bureaucracy. On the other hand, for a company with less capital, having a representative office is a great solution since the business still can legally be done in this country with some limitations, depending on the type of representative office you have. For both, a virtual office can be an option to minimize cost.

#3. Indonesia is a New Economic Power in Southeast Asia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation and the fourth most populated country in the world. It is rich of natural as well as human resources. It means that this country is suitable for any foreign companies that wish to create production plants by employing its labors and utilizing its natural resources or those seeking enormous target markets.

Many media have seen Indonesia as the new China, which will grow as an economically powerful country in the next decades. Therefore, getting your business independently now is a good choice that your company can make because you will become one of the initial players that will compete in this promising land.

#4. Online Shopping is Growing Rapidly

Although online shopping accounted 1 percent of the total retail sector in this country (2015), but the number shows significant improvement in the following years—and is predicted to grow rapidly.

It is because the population, who are dominated by productive ages, are active users of social media, in which most of the products and services are promoted online. This new way of promotion highly affects the consumers in choosing what to purchase. This can make you easier to introduce your company and the existence of your products to the customers as well as to market them.


#5. Indonesia’s Interesting Growth of Retail Sectors

Consumer goods are marketed and sold in various different ways, from word of mouths to TV commercials and from the corner shops to gigantic malls. However, there are an interesting growth of retail sectors, especially the development of big supermarket chains and malls, not only in the capital cities of each of its 34 provinces, but also in other big cities. In the capital city of Jakarta itself, there are more than 170 malls (2016).

The 2015 data shows that in overall Indonesia, the growth of modern retail sectors increased by 11% for mini-markets and 10.6% for super and hypermarkets. The market size of the minimarket industry alone were IDR 73 trillion in 2015 with annual growth of approximately 13.5%. If your core business is in consumer goods and/or retail business, it is the right time to invest in Indonesia.

#6. Growing Middle-Class

The rising middle class society in Indonesia is a sign that more and more people in this densely populated country get better financial condition, which at the end affects their spending behaviors. This is a huge opportunity for foreign companies to start an independent business in Indonesia as they will likely face many potential consumers who are eager to purchase more goods in higher prices.

#7. Better Political Climate and Friendlier Policies for Foreign Investors

Indonesia is having better and more stable political climate in the hand of the current president. His leadership also focuses more on the financial improvement of the country. This affects several of the government’s policies regarding to the establishment of foreign companies (PMA) in Indonesia. The bureaucracy is simpler, quicker, and shorter and this also decreases the cost of company establishment. This is the right climate to start a business independently in this area.

#8. Third Party Help is supported by the Government

Although the bureaucracy is simpler, easier, and quicker, you still need a good understanding of its systems and legal regulations in order to set up a company or a representative office in Indonesia.

However, the government now acknowledges the aid from the third party to help you do so. Not only in helping you with bureaucracy and administrative things, the government has also issued a special regulation on the use of virtual officefrom the third party to enable new companies to run their business in Indonesia. This is off course a great thing to consider because it will absolutely lower the cost on building an office as the partial requirement of company registration in Indonesia.


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