5 Things to Consider in Finding Perfect Serviced Office for Your Business

Co-working space has become more popular nowadays. Over the past few years, co-working space gets, including serviced office, gets a lot of media coverage. It is believed that serviced office has replaced the traditional ones.  

You can find serviced office in many places in Jakarta, from the downtown to the area near the international airports. Therefore, when you are going to select a serviced office for your business needs, you should check top five points which you should consider.

#1. Impressions

It is important for you to find a provider which is well maintained and complemented with meeting rooms and presentable reception. A good impressions to your clients can be a great start for your business.

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#2. Facilities

When you think you find the right serviced office, please make sure that the provider gives you facilities to support your business, such as: internet, meeting rooms, phone and mail handling, reception, toilet, computer or laptop, pantry, and more. One of the most important facility is internet. Using WiFi connections is a way easier than to link your desks to Ethernet connections.  You must also check whether the office is sharing any Internet connection or not. It is because a shared Internet connections mean slower Internet access for you.

#3. Cost

You have to make a calculation. Your budget for renting office accommodation must not exceed five percent of your business turnover. That is why the cost for renting office space becomes one of the most significant factors in choosing the most suitable serviced office for your needs.

#4. References

Before you move into an office, always make a small research. Go find the current or previous tenants and ask them about their experiences in renting the office. This help you prepare yourself better in the new office.

#5. Transportation links

Make sure your staffs and clients can get to your office easily. You should choose a serviced office location within a short trip drive from local train station or bus shelter.


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Not Sure What You Need?

It’s okay, we will help you to find which package suits you the most. Cekindo has assisted many companies in establishing companies, supporting their business activities, and also to get them the customized serviced office and virtual office packages. You can talk and communicate what is your business needs’ and our team will help you. Feel free to contact us now to get more information.





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