5 Surprising Benefits Shared Offices Provide

Go to Google and you’ll find dozens of articles touting the benefits of shared co-working spaces in Indonesia. They range from easy and exclusive access to business facilities to networking opportunities.

But do you know there’s more? These benefits may be underrated, but they help running and setting up a business in the country more efficient and cost effective:

1. Get your domicile letter.

Domicile letter (surat domisili) is one of the most important documents you need when dealing with the civil registry or trying to open a business in the country. Indonesian law requires you to have an office to run your enterprise. Although you can convert a part of your home into an office, the process can be very complex.

One of the easiest and quickest ways of setting up a business in Indonesia is by choosing a shared co-working space in Jakarta or Bali.

Cekindo’s premier shared offices in Indonesia helps bring down the costs of rent while our consultants can help process your domicile letter.

2. Set up a business quick in Indonesia.

As mentioned, shared co-working spaces increase your networking opportunities significantly, and that includes taking such partnership to a new level.

If you’re thinking of setting up a business in the country with some control, you can look for potential partners to form a shareholding company called PT PMA. Cekindo will do all the legwork so you can focus more on the core functions of the enterprise such as marketing and administration.

3. Get the benefits of a virtual office.

Cekindo provides all our users of co-working spaces Indonesia the option to run a virtual office as well. This is helpful when you want a professional to handle your calls and mail, as well as keep a prestigious office address while working in your home or anywhere in the world.

4. Work with professional business consultants.

Our Cekindo offices do not only provide you with a complete, well-maintained, and accessible business facility. By being part of our growing list of clientele, you can work with our top-notch business consultants.

Whether you want a co-working or a virtual office in Jakarta or Bali, we can provide you with a business consultant for free to introduce you to the process of setting up in Indonesia.

To help provide your business a strong customer support, our staff can speak fluent English and Bahasa Indonesia. We also work closely with postmasters and banks to speed up routine business transactions.

Meeting with our business consultants who offer a wide range of outsourcing services is easy, quick, and convenient.

5. Spend less while being in the center of activity.

By opting for a shared office space in Indonesia, you don’t have to compromise location over cheap costs. Our offices are found at the heart of the business or financial districts in the country. You have easy access to transport, hotels, restaurants, and even some urban attractions. The airport is only about an hour away.

A shared office space setup is not perfect, and it does have its own limitations. But for the last few years, it has also proven that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Cekindo’s shared office spaces in Indonesia are about making smart choices. Spend less while getting more in the process.

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