7 Facts You Need to Know about Virtual Office

Virtual office is a smart choice for the people who just start a business, it won’t cost much money compare with buy an office space. You can invest your money for other business’ needs. In this article, we try to formulate 7 facts everyone needs to know about virtual office.

Fact #1: The Reliable Virtual Office Provider

There are countless of virtual office providers in big cities, like Jakarta. However, not all of them provide the best services, especially services needed by international clients. When you type the keyword of “virtual office” plus the city where you want to run your business, you will likely to find 10 more pages in the search engine. To short list your search, you need to make sure the following things:

  • The location—whether or not it is located in the prestigious business areas that are permitted by the local government to be used as virtual offices. Do not choose any location randomly.
  • The services—make sure it gives you the services you need to run your business.
  • Business consultation services—find a virtual office provider that also gives you a consultation service to run the business legally in the respective country or cities. This will help you tremendously during your entry phase, especially to deal with bureaucracy and legal documentation.

Fact #2: Customized Needs, Flexible Packages

Before you decide to use the service of a certain virtual office provider, make a list of what your company needs (read: how to set up a company in Indonesia). It is because different providers offer different services. For example, if the country is totally a new place for you, find a virtual office provider that can help you with all the initial requirements to do business in the country. The next thing you need to do is to match your needs with the services that the virtual office offers.

Feel free to rent the virtual office as you needed, ranging from a monthly, three-month, six-month, or yearly contract. You can also choose one from several packages that best suits your company’s needs, such as business address, virtual assistants/staff, e-mail and call handling, mail and package handling, etc. Receive also some additional bonuses or free offers. Updates your needs to the providers whenever necessary so that you can always have what you want and need (read: how to get a domicile letter).

Fact #3: Research Shows That Remote Work Boost Productivity

Some researches (such as Cisco, 2009) shows that remote co-workers can outperform those who are located in a specific office location. Because you allow your workers to work remotely, they can choose the most convenient working space for them so that they can work and perform better. Without tense competitions, some people can work faster and more effectively. This will also foster more creative ideas because you give more freedom to both yourself and your workers.

Fact #4: Not Just Any Location

Although the name is a virtual office, it does not mean that it can be located just anywhere in town (read: Virtual office in Jakarta: the complete guide). This is the first thing you need to highlight when choosing the virtual office. Not only it should be located in the prestigious legal business location, but it also has to be in strategic area. Think about the time and cost effectiveness when you want to conduct a meeting in the office. Think also about the extra services that the virtual office provides, such as office supplies (stationery, copy machine, etc.), meeting equipment (LCD projector, printer, teleconference device, internet, etc.), and meeting refreshment services (like snacks, drinks, or even lunch or dinner).

Fact #5: Face-to-face Meeting to Tune Up Company’s Performance

A good virtual office must have meeting rooms that can be rented by the users upon request. The room can be an office room or a meeting room, for small, medium, or big crowds of attendees. Although you generally work from different locations in the daily basis, a regular monthly gathering or a board meeting is still very important to be done. This kind of a meeting can be used to discuss important things and share creative ideas.

Fact #6: Think On Stability

It would be so irritating to know that the virtual office you are choosing suddenly closes its service. However, this thing happens as the trend of virtual office is increasing and that small providers try to follow the hype. Therefore, it is very crucial to know that the provider is a well-known company that will sustain for a long time providing the services for you. This is mainly important because changing business address is very costly and the bureaucracy is indeed complicated.

Fact #7: Getting Virtual Means Chances to Wider Networking

There are some chances for you to meet individuals from other companies that also use the service in the same virtual address. It is always great to meet like-minded individuals so that you can share about business information. Some opportunities to collaborate can also come during the process. 

The other advantage you can get from virtual office is: as you operate virtually, you can have wider access to work with international talents because you can recruit your staff from any parts of the world and work virtually for you. This is of course a huge benefit for your company because you can get the best freelancers from across the globe and pay them only when you need their services.

To get more information on other useful facts of renting a virtual office, you can contact us by mail or call, or simply leave a comment below for a faster response. Our staff  will be so happy to answer all of your curiosity. We also provide a free business consultation for any company who wish to start business in Indonesia as our additional service. We have a reliable teamwork who will take care of the legal documents and all the complicated bureaucracy in Indonesia.






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