Alert: Working In Indonesia While Only Holding An ITAS Is Illegal

Every year hundreds of thousands foreigners choose to live and work in Indonesia because of its fantastic employment opportunities and lifestyle.

However, dozens of them get into troubles as a result of failing to obtain a proper visa.

In this article, we provide information on ITAS and why it is the most common reason for immigration issues. Don’t be frustrated. Once we have debunked the “why”, and with the application assistance from Cekindo, you will be able to turn your dream of living and working in Indonesia into a reality.

What is an ITAS?

With the recent Immigration Law and Work Permit Regulation change to simplify and accelerate the whole registration process, an ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas) stands for an immigration document previously known, and even nowadays frequently referred to, as a KITAS.

It is a permit for an employee to stay in Indonesia, sponsored by a registered Indonesian company or organisation. To be able to sponsor and hire a foreign worker, companies need to meet several requirements such an amount of paid-up capital and the legal entity type.

Moreover, employers need to show that their foreign employees are able to provide benefits to the country through their employment. For examples, to fill a professional need that local workers aren’t able to.

Staying in Indonesia with ITAS

If an employee has completed the entire registration process, ITAS is the online identifying card issued in the final stage to show that you can stay in Indonesia legally. Its validity depends on your job position and industry.

Now, here comes the most confusing part -- ITAS does not grant you to work in Indonesia. For this purpose, an employer should apply for a work permit, previously known as an IMTA (Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing).

Under the recent Presidential Regulation, IMTA was replaced by so-called Notification issued by a Ministry of Manpower. This document is a prerequisite in order to apply for a work ITAS.

Who Is Eligible?

Therefore, the government will issue ITAS to the following groups of foreigners with activities in Indonesia:

1. He/she does business with a private company or the government

2. He/she is invited to work in Indonesia

3. He/she does research or receives training

4. He/she fulfils religious duties

5. He/she is a former Indonesian who wishes to migrate to Indonesia

6. He/she gets married to and live with their Indonesian spouse

7. He/she is a minor and intends to live with their parents who have ITAS


As a general rule of thumb, here’s what you should know: if you intend to work and stay in Indonesia, first, you will need to apply for a Notification. Then, you can proceed with a temporary stay permit ITAS.

You might be wondering -- since you need a Notification to apply for an ITAS, then you are guaranteed to be able to work in Indonesia. Yes, that’s correct, only when your ITAS is sponsored by the employer so-called a work ITAS. Another type of ITAS such as spouse-sponsored ITAS, this is another story, which means you can only stay in Indonesia and will be illegal to work with it.

Constantly Update Yourself

In Indonesia, the government regularly reviews immigration laws thus it is always recommended to update yourself with the latest information available on their website. As visa consultants that have served foreign companies in a myriad of industries for decades, Cekindo has all the necessary information and services for you. Contact us now.

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