All You Need to Know Before Renting an Office in Jakarta

Advantages of Expanding to or Working in Jakarta

Being the largest metropolitan city in Southeast Asia, as well as the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is Indonesia’s epicentre of economy, politics and culture.

With the city’s substantial potential and astonishing growth rate higher than other Asia-Pacific regions, it is no surprise that Jakarta is the most populous city in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Once a trading port in the fourth century, the economy in Jakarta now comprises manufacturing, banking and financial services, and other service sectors. Besides, it is a hotbed for industries such as chemicals, automotive and electronics.

There is still a vast pool of talent, advantages and markets waiting for business owners to tap into in Jakarta. Therefore, Cekindo will provide a guideline to help you how to go about selecting an office in Jakarta.

Popular Business and Office Areas in Jakarta

The most popular areas for offices in Jakarta include places close to or within the central business district called Jakarta Pusat – for examples, Surdirman, Rasuna Said, Gato Subroto, Satrio, and Mega Kuningan. Among them, Sudirman Central Business District is favoured by most foreign and multinational companies because of its concentrated business and commercial activities, as well as the complete amenities.

For entrepreneurs and startups looking for cheaper alternatives that are not too far from the central business district areas, Mampang, Tebet, and TB Simatupang could be your best bet.

Cekindo offices in Grand Slipi Tower are located on the border of the two most important business districts in Jakarta: West and Central Jakarta.

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Types of Office

Generally, there are two types of office in Jakarta – bare-condition office and equipped office.

Bare-condition office is usually not furnished and business owners need to invest in the office’s interior and flooring; whereas equipped office is furnished with fittings that come from previous tenants or supplied by the builders.

In addition to that, office buildings in Jakarta CBD are categorized from Grade A to Grade C, with significant differences in prices, location and their qualities.

Grade A is the best you can get in Jakarta. The most expensive buildings located in the central areas, with great facilities and respectful business addresses.

On the other hand, Grade C buildings provide a lower range of offices which are located in all the areas except the main business centres.

                  A virtual office in Jakarta is a perfect solution for anyone who needs a prestigious business address but not the office space itself. Get to know more.

Be Mindful of the Hidden Costs

When choosing an office in Jakarta, it is necessary to clearly understand the final price and be aware of the possible hidden costs.

As a general rule of thumb, most of the time office price consists of base rent and service charge such as facilities, electricity and other services.  Different costs might also incur based on the type of office buildings.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the price you are offered is not significantly higher than what is publicly offered. The unnecessary and well-hidden service charges usually pop up just before signing a contract.

How to Get the Best Office in Jakarta

Here is a closer look at what you need to pay attention to while choosing an office in Jakarta:

1. Size

Avoiding renting an office that is either too small that lower your employee’s productivity, or an office too big that increases your expenses significantly seems like a life science.

The Balance Small Business defined minimum requirements for office space based on different job profiles.

High Management


400 sq. ft.

Vice Presidents

200 sq. ft.


150 sq. ft.


Staff requiring Cubicles


175 sq. ft.


150 sq. ft.


125 sq. ft.

Customer Service Reps

125 sq. ft.


125 sq. ft.


Employees in Open Area

Data Entry

125 sq. ft.


125 sq. ft.

Temporary Employees

100 sq. ft.

As a rule of thumb, you should not get lower than 70 sq. ft. per one person.

2. Price

This is usually the most important factor especially for small and medium businesses which are concerned about expenses. However, do not let the lower price tag jeopardize your business performance and employee’s safety.

You should always choose an office that you will not struggle to pay its rent every month, but with an appropriate space for your business needs and future growth.

3. Location

On the other hand, expensive office building does not always mean the best office as well. One of the factors you need to consider is the safety of the neighbourhood, nearby amenities, transportation and convenience.

What Is a Virtual Office and Why Should You Use It?

When you are starting a business in Jakarta, it takes time for you to get familiar with the city’s business landscape. As a result, careful planning for your business venture in Jakarta is crucial in order to ensure a successful entry.

A virtual office in Jakarta is a great way for young businesses to start off slowly. With a prestigious business address, a receptionist with call and email handling services, meeting rooms, consulting services and other amenities that come with the virtual office, you are able to make a business presence in Jakarta in no time.  

Do you want to rent an office in Jakarta? Seeking a virtual office or co-working space in Jakarta? Contact Cekindo now and our professional team will be pleased to serve you.  

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