An Expat’s Guide in Obtaining Fast Indonesia Work Visa (KITAS)

Just like in any other country, an expatriate will need to go through certain procedures to obtain instant work permit Indonesia. Foreigners who are willing to work in Indonesia have to be invited and hired by an Indonesian company in order to secure a work visa through the sponsorship from the company. The work visa In Indonesia is called KITAS. The entire process takes two months to be completed and will involve the approval from the Ministry of Manpower and the Immigration Office.   

Obtaining an immediate Indonesia work visa can be complicated especially with Indonesia’s tight policy on foreign workers. The government implements policies that favor local workforce such as complicating the requirements and approval process for hiring foreign workers.

Before hiring the foreign workers, a company has to present and demonstrate the needs of a foreign worker to fill in a specific position in the company to the Ministry of Manpower. This also means that a foreigner will not be able to apply for a work permit on his own, and it is not possible for him to work in Indonesia without a work permit sponsored by a company. For companies, they have to go through the process as stipulated below to obtain an Indonesia work permit:

Step 1.

A company has to obtain a special permit to employ foreign worker called IMTA. The permit will be issued after the company is able to demonstrate that there is a need for foreign workers. The company has to pay US$100 a month for skill and development fund (DPKK) as a compensation for not using the local workforce.

Step 2.

The company would then have to apply for a limited stay visa (VITAS) on the foreign worker’s behalf. The company has to enclose the endorsement from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to the General Directorate of Immigration. After the application is approved, a limited stay visa will be issued by the Immigration Office and sent to the foreigner’s preferred Indonesian Embassy overseas. The foreigner will need to collect the visa by himself, and it will usually take 2 to 7 days depending on the procedure in each embassy.  

Step 3.

After the foreign worker’s arrival in Indonesia, he will be given seven days to present himself to the regional immigration office, along with his passport and embarkation card. His fingerprint and photos will be collected there, and he will be provided with Indonesia work permit visa (KITAS). Usually, it takes two weeks for the immigration to issue KITAS and it has a validity of 6 months. The work permit can be reapplied bi-annually for five years before a foreign worker may apply for a permanent stay permit visa. The permanent stay is called KITAP and will be valid for a full 5 years.    

Step 4.

The foreigner will need to report his stay at the local police headquarters within 30 days after obtaining KITAS. He will also need to register himself at the local government office and obtain SKPPS (Temporary Resident Registration Certificate).

Step 5.

When the foreigner already has his instant working visa Indonesia and reported his stay to the authorities, there is still one thing they need to do. Foreigner will still need to file an employee report (LK) to the Ministry of Manpower. 

While the entire process of obtaining an immediate Indonesia working visa can be daunting, Cekindo’s expertise and experience can make the process a whole lot easier for you. You only need to provide us with complete documents listed as per the requirements. We can assist you with your renewal or with the initial processing of your visa until the approval. Call us now for immediate assistance or get in touch with our team through

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