Employee Background Check in Indonesia: Dos and Don'ts

Employee background check is one of the great ways to find out if the information given by a potential candidate is true during the hiring process. The candidate’s criminal records, financial background, previous work experience and education will also be reviewed. Background check serves as the last line of defense before employers appoint a particular role to an employee. 

So, since employee background check is critical, as a business owner, you definitely do not want to make a wrong hiring decision that will haunt your business for a long time.  Let us tell you some of the consequences of bad hiring due to the lack of proper vetting: you spend more money and time to recruit and train new employees; you may even want to fork out more capital and face potential lawsuits caused by the bad hire. 

The background check practice is so important that 69% of firms go through background check on all candidates. And oftentimes, they are surprised because they uncover more information than they initially know.  Below are the top dos and don’ts Cekindo has gathered to help you protect your business against undesirable hires. 

The Dos

Do Comply with the Law 

Background laws differ between countries, provinces, states and local governments. But in general, you will need to obtain a signed legal release form from the candidate. Make sure you do not violate the law by informing the candidates of their rights, and providing them a report after the screening. 

Do be Equal

You need to ensure that the same process is performed on all candidates applying for the same role. Consistency is important in the background investigation to prevent discrimination and unfairness. 

Do be Comprehensive

A candidate’s employment history, educational background, criminal and driving records, social media presence should all be verified during the screening. Proof of university’s degree certificate, work permit, and other qualification certificates must also be physically submitted. 

Do Identify Patterns

A single negative or positive clue found in the background check does not always tell the whole story. Instead, you must identify the positive or negative patterns that appear consistently to evaluate your potential hires. If the patterns do not satisfy your confirmation, you can always dig deeper.

Do Hire a Background Check Professional 

A credible background check provider provides the best and most accurate screening results for your perfect hiring decision. They are equipped with a team of experienced experts to ensure the process is efficient, fully in compliance to laws and without hiccups. 


The Don’ts

Don’t Assume

If you just assume the hire is undesirable when a negative is found in the check, it is absolutely unfair for a candidate. You can always perform a further investigation or at the very least, communicate with them. Don’t assume because assumptions often lead to misunderstanding and ultimately a wrong decision. 

Don’t Just Look at the Negatives  

Background checks are not just used to gather negative information. As an employer, you must also utilise an employee background check to determine which candidate is the perfect fit among the qualified ones.

Don’t Do It on Your Own

Online resources are limitless but not for background check. It is impossible for you to obtain everything relevant to the applicant online. A registered background check company is the way to go to ensure that all data collected are legal and correct. 


Background Check in Indonesia with Cekindo

Cekindo’s background check service applies extensive verification processes to gauge the claims and integrity of your prospective hires. Selecting the best candidate is not a straightforward process and we use methodologies that strictly adhere to high standards and laws.  

Want to ensure confidence in your hiring process through background check with Cekindo? Contact us now to enjoy a customised employee background check service to make the perfect hiring. 

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