Bali going online: Keep pace with Bali's expats

Online presentation is a vital part of any business nowadays, and companies operating or targeting clients in Indonesia are no exception. More and more activities have moved to the internet, and young fast-growing innovative commercial projects are popping up thanks to numerous expat communities especially in Bali.

Expat Entrepreneurs in Bali

Bali is an inspirational place for many young people, coming from all over the world, who want to put their business plan into practice or proceed with their entrepreneurial ideas. Digital nomads, people working remotely, are changing the way of doing business nowadays and redefining the meaning of flexibility by not being bound by any specific place.

Bali belongs to one of their most popular destinations. According to, a credible source of information about this specific lifestyle, relatively low cost of living, fast and widely available internet connection, international community of like-minded people and, last but not least, never-ending summer of a tropical island make Bali so tempting for its new residents.

Connecting and Networking

Coming to Bali as a sole entrepreneur you might want to establish connections with other people from your field or related areas. Doing so at the very beginning of your arrival to Bali, your new colleagues or partners can help you to start your business growing. This cannot be done, however, when walking on streets.

It is very important to have a suitable space to boost creativity and productivity of everyone in the team. In one of its articles, Forbes magazine claims that the professional working environment is crucial for successful development of any company.

Cekindo offers a fully furnished co-working space in the heart of Kuta. High-speed internet, administrative support, fully equipped workspace and all the trimmings is a must. On the top, our clients can take the advantage of free business consultation on the site and overflowing coffee. Working on your business or setting cooperation cannot be more pleasant.

The Age of Distance Working

Being able to operate and oversee the majority of business activities on the screen of your computer is a very convenient way to work. It is not only time saving but also cost-effective. Being online means being “in the office” even though you actually do not have any. Yet, not in Indonesia.

To be able to establish a company in Bali, as anywhere in Indonesia, a local address is required. But how to keep the cost of setting up a new business low, enjoy all advantages of remote working?

Be Both Online and Offline

Renting an office in Bali could be expensive and for many small or even medium-size businesses managed mostly online has no use. Having a business address is, however, one of the basic requirements that cannot be avoided.

Moreover, using residential property for business purposes is usually not permitted, simply stating - your business must be located in an office building. Arranging a virtual office is a perfect way how to solve this tricky legal condition. It gives you the right to use a business address, as well as telephone and fax numbers without your or your colleagues' physical presence on the address.

Bali Goes Online - You Should Too

Following the current trends and even being one step forward is what distinguishes successful businesses and entrepreneurs from the average. Booming Fintech industry around Southeast Asia has a clear message - online world is the future.

To keep the pace with Bali’s online expats, Cekindo now enables its clients to apply for a visa, register their company, conduct due diligence investigation or even buy a shelf company online.

For more information call us now or drop us a message. Our dedicated teams are here to assist you on your online journey.

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