Benefits of Virtual Office for Social Media Managers in Indonesia

More and more entrepreneurs and startups use virtual offices in Indonesia, especially social media managers and freelancers, because there are numerous benefits offered by virtual office. This is not surprising. In fact, there are about 50 million digital marketing agencies, social media managers and freelancers globally, making this particular field ranked top 5 of the world’s most popular startups.
The social media sector has become saturated despite the fact that social media marketing is in high demand. Due to the increasingly competitive environment, social media managers now have to up their game not only by providing outstanding services but also establishing their credibility and professionalism to make them stand out from the look-alike crowd. It is not surprising that numerous social media managers trumpet the benefits of using virtual offices as it provides plenty of value-added benefits to them. 
In this post, let’s look at some of the benefits of working in a virtual office on how it can help you make a professional presence in your industry and grow your social media agency. 

Benefits of Virtual Office for Social Media Managers in Indonesia

Raise Your Credibility
Social media managers often start out as freelancers and work from home. While there are some benefits of running your business from home, there are many disadvantages as well. One of those is being seen by your clients as unprofessional. With a virtual office, you can establish a professional appearance to your clients, and your clients will treat you as a large and credible agency. 
In addition, a virtual office offers social media manager other great benefits. Some of these are a live and real receptionist to help you with all your calls and mail, a dedicated business address and phone number, and meeting rooms. Although many social media manager’s tasks are performed online, you still need a virtual office to show your professionalism to your clients as well. 
Increase Your Local SEO
Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is important for businesses nowadays as it brings traffic to your website, increasing the probability of your business to be found on search engine by prospective clients. Therefore, social media managers who have just started out often put more efforts on their local SEO, especially when the internet has become increasingly populated with websites and information. 
This is when a virtual office address comes in. Having a virtual office business address can help you appear in local searches and win business in cities or countries you are not physically based in. 
A virtual office address allows you to reach the market you want with SEO and make your business more trustworthy when people are able to find you online easily. 
Reduce Overhead and Expenses
All businesses want to reduce their overhead as less expenses means more profits. This is especially critical for social media managers when they just start out as money can be tight at the beginning. For social media managers, they don’t really need a physical office when they can do more of their tasks online and their team can be recruited from all over the world. 
A virtual office is, therefore, a great alternative for social media managers to make use of the different services that a virtual service offers on a pay-as-you-use basis without having to commit to long-term lease and threaten the financial health of your business. 

Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Indonesia

If you are looking for a business in a prime location in Indonesia to project a reputable image for your business, you can subscribe to Cekindo’s virtual office package. Imagine having access to on-demand meeting rooms to meet with your clients, professional receptionists to take care of your calls, a breakout room to relax,  you are only paying a minimal cost for all the things in a traditional office, even better. 
With world-class industries and companies all over Indonesia, now is the best time to start your business without spending a lot of money. Virtual offices from Cekindo are ready to function as soon as you move in: you can start receiving important phone calls, mails and faxes to your business address. Visit our virtual office now and see it yourself. 

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