Is Location of Your Business in Indonesia Important?

In this day and age when everything is virtual, does it still matter where you’re holding office? The answer is a big yes, especially if you’re setting up a business in Indonesia.

Cekindo lists some of the top reasons why your business address means everything:

1. You need a domicile.

Generally, foreigners opening up businesses in the country need to have a legal business address and it cannot be a residence. One of the reasons is you need to have a domicile letter. You need it to process your company registration or open a local bank account, among others.a

Offices such as Cekindo can provide you with not only a legal business address but also a domicile letter.

2. It says a lot about your business.

In business, reputation is everything. Indonesian business people are usually initially wary of others. They prefer to build relationships first or get to know you more before they decide to work with you. If you’re looking for a local partner or a distributor, it can mean weeks or months of securing a deal.

Although a professional or business address doesn’t guarantee a partnership, it boosts your reputation. It shows that you’re a legal entity and that you’re accessible. You have nothing to hide from your potential partner.

3. It can give you a virtual office.

More foreigners are working or opening businesses in Indonesia, but many of them do not reside here. In fact, they are mobile, moving from one country to another. What happens then if they have a correspondence here?

This is where the concept of virtual office comes in. Cekindo offers different virtual office packages, where your business will have a prestigious address. These include offices in Jakarta, Bali, and Semarang. Moreover, regardless of your choosing, you can get a domicile letter from us.

As a virtual office, you have the option to have our staff take care of your call and mail handling. It’s as if you’re still doing business here.

4. You can be thinking of co-working.

One of the best features of a co-working space in Indonesia is location. For one, traffic in the country can be horrendous. You want an office that’s accessible and near to everything you need. Further, certain co-working offices in Indonesia attract specific types of crowds. If you’re setting up in Jakarta, you are more likely to encounter most of the startups there.

Besides virtual offices, Cekindo can also provide Jakarta and Bali shared office spaces. We will also have another one in Semarang, which are strong business hubs in the country today. With our co-working space, you can have a dedicated seat and desk, as well as a serviced office. The latter is more ideal if you are a growing team.

You also have the benefit of having full client support ready to meet your needs.

5. A business deserves a good location.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re setting up a representative office, a warehouse, or a full-fledged corporate headquarters. The location means a huge difference in how you do your business. If it’s a manufacturing facility, you need one that’s closer to the ports or transport centres in the country.

Can’t Decide Where to Locate?

Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelagos in the world, and we have a lot of great places to start or run a business. It’s thus normal to get confused about your choices.

Cekindo is here to help you in that area. Our business consultants possess the wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you a sound advice. Our offices are also always ready to welcome expatriates and startups. We also cater to both local and foreign growing businesses.

For more information about business addresses, call us at +622 180 660 900. You can also send us your email at Wait for our reply within 24 hours.

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