Running a Business from Virtual Office in Jakarta: Why Less Risky

Starting a business on your own without working for someone else seems like a good idea for younger generations nowadays. However, the unstable economy and many real examples of failed startups tell us that the entrepreneurial route has become riskier without great strategy and planning. 

Therefore, countless wonderful ideas that may be advantageous for the world may be buried under the ground due to the risk and fear of becoming an entrepreneur. But don’t despair, the emergence of technology and virtual office is one of the most powerful tools of our time to build a startup with the minimum risk involved. Here are some of the reasons operating your business with a virtual office in Jakarta is less risky. 

You Don't Get Tied Down

Having a virtual office in Jakarta means you don’t get tied down to a 5-year office lease or to a single permanent location. A long-term contract can bleed your capital dry pretty quickly and cause major financial issue to your business operation. 

With a virtual office, you can subscribe to a flexible short-term plan and use other additional features that you need on the pay-as-you-use basis. You can then upgrade your virtual office when your team grows; or stop the subscription if your business unfortunately goes south. 

You Only Need Minimum Investment

It is for a fact that the initial investment capital is one of the biggest risks for starting a new business. It happens very often that many business owners fail to pay for their following months of rental, utilities and overheads after forking out a huge amount of setup fee.  

However, you can get away from all the starting costs such as office supplies, furniture, high technology equipment, etc. with a virtual office. With a virtual office, you don’t even have to worry about the furnishing, decoration, receptionist recruitment, daily cleaning and maintenance.  All these savings can be put into core operations to grow your business. 

You Don’t Need to Hire Administrative Staff

A virtual office enables you to save on hiring a full-time administrative staff, as there is staff already available in a virtual office to take care of the administrative tasks such as mail forwarding and call answering, among many others. You can not only save money on hiring, but also saving your precious time without having to look for the most competent employee.  

You Show Professionalism and Gain Reputation

Another risk you can eliminate when running your business with a virtual office is the risk of losing your reputation by presenting yourself as a professional. A virtual office shows a greater degree of professionalism because your business will be given a business address located at a prime location, dedicated phone number instead of your mobile number, and a proper meeting room to see your clients and workers.  

A business address can be displayed on your website and company collaterals so that when your prospective clients do a search on the internet to validate your legitimacy, you don’t fear losing your credibility. In addition, a dedicated phone number shows that your business is formal and well established, and the calls can be forwarded to your mobile number without the clients knowing it. This way, you give the impression that your startup is reputable, professional and trustworthy. 

Cekindo Virtual Office in Jakarta: The Best Solution

Cekindo virtual office is located in the heart of Jakarta, providing you a platform to grow your business anywhere in the world with professional support and ease of accessibility. 

Our flexible virtual office solutions are designed to fit your business needs by prioritising work-life balance, productivity and cost-efficiency. Get in touch with Cekindo and start building your empire today.   

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