When Is a Business Visa Not a Right Choice?

Choosing the right Indonesian visa is important. The wrong one introduces a lot of problems some of which can endanger your job and business. While you can get different types of visas, one of the most popular is the business visa. To give you more ideas about what it is, you can click here.

What we want to talk about right now is when NOT to apply for one. Here are some of our major points:

1. You are planning to work in Indonesia.

Indonesia imposes strict visa requirements for anyone who wishes to work here. This is because the government is highly protective of its job assets – that is, it prioritizes the locals. It is understandable since it needs to reduce the unemployment rate. Moreover, the issue of foreigners taking the local jobs has always been controversial.

For this reason, if you want to find a job, you should be able to secure a work visa and a permit. This does not mean you already have a job waiting for you, but it makes your application process legal.

A business visa in Indonesia, on the other hand, is not a work permit. In fact, according to the rules, you cannot undertake any type of activity that results in compensation.

2. You do not have a sponsor.

Trust is one of the long-standing cultures in Indonesia, and one can feel it when trying to secure a business visa. Before you can even come here, you need to have a sponsor. Moreover, it should be a country-based organization, association, or company. It cannot be an individual.

The sponsor is the one who makes sure that you can process your business on the Indonesian side. They submit the letter of invitation to the immigration office, which then approves the invitation and sends a telex to your nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate.

Once the telex and approval have arrived, you can proceed to get your business visa. It’s only then can you travel to the country and do your business here.

3. You are planning to stay more than 60 days consecutively.

If there is a similarity between a tourist and a business visa, it’s the fact they’re both visit visas. You cannot, therefore, stay for a long time in the country.

Indonesia currently offers two types of business visas. The first one is the single-entry, and it is valid for 3 months. The other is multiple-entry, and it’s good for 12 months. It may sound like the latter is better – and in certain cases, it is true – but it’s also not.

All your business visits, whether you have a single entry or a multiple entry, have the same length of stay, and it is only 60 days. With the multiple-entry, you cannot apply for an extension. You may do it with single entry, but it all depends on the reason, and sometimes it is a long shot.

How Cekindo Helps You with Indonesian Business Visa

Cekindo takes pride in being a market-entry solutions partner in Indonesia. We have more than 10 years of collective experience in this sector, and we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to a business visa in Indonesia.

We believe that success comes with the real understanding of the purpose of your stay. From there, we can together evaluate whether a business visa is the best option for you or if you need to apply for a limited-stay visa, among others.

We can also work with you in ensuring you will have a sponsor during the trip, process your documents, and guide you through the tricky procedures of securing one.

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