Business Visa FAQs

What is the difference between a business and a working visa in Indonesia?

Even though similar at first sight, the purposes of the business and working visas are very different. A business visa is used for business activities such as attending conferences, seminars, or trainings that do not involve taking up employment or receiving any payments while staying in Indonesia.

On the other hand, a working visa (KITAS) will allow you to earn money and take up employment in Indonesia.

More information on specific visa types can be found here. Please note that carrying an incorrect type of visa is a violation of the Indonesian laws. A maximum fine of IDR 500,000,000 (USD 37,000) and a maximum of 5 years imprisonment are imposed on foreigners who do an activity contrary to the purpose of their visa. If you are still not sure about the correct type of visa, Cekindo can assist you with arranging and processing the appropriate visa needed based on your activities in Indonesia.

Can a citizen of any country obtain a business visa?

Unfortunately not. Indonesia has a list of restricted countries, including Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, and Somalia.

Even though it is technically possible for citizens of aforementioned countries to get business visas,  the whole process is more complicated and applications are very likely to be rejected. Note that even having a residence permit or a company in another country will have no influence upon the process.

Is a business visa needed prior to the arrival in Indonesia?

The application process for a business visa takes place at an Indonesian embassy of your choice. Preferably, you should obtain your visa before entering Indonesia otherwise you would need to leave the country again; this time, in order to apply for the correct (a business) visa.

Applicants already in Indonesia are advised to use services of Indonesian embassies either in Singapore or in Kuala Lumpur; thanks to their convenient locations and fast procedures.

Who can sponsor a business visa?

A business visa as well as a working visa must be sponsored by a legal entity registered in Indonesia. Both locally and foreign-owned companies, representative offices and institutions can act as sponsors.

In case you do not have a sponsor, Cekindo is here to help you. We will both advise you on a correct type of visa and assist you during the process.

How long does the process of an application for a business visa take?

Before the actual application at Indonesian embassy, your sponsor must submit your visa invitation to Indonesian Immigration. However only 500 invitations are accepted each working day causing delays in case the quota has already been met at the day of your application.

Indonesian Immigration takes up to 10 working days to issue the invitation needed for visa application at an Indonesian embassy. The embassy itself will take about 3 working days. We suggest starting your application and most importantly a business visa invitation at least 3 weeks before your expected arrival to the country as delays might appear.

For how long is a business visa valid?

This depends on the specific kind of business visa in Indonesia, as there are two types.

A single-entry business visa is valid for 60 days initially and can be extended for a maximum three times, each time for additional 30 days. This kind of visa expires the moment the holder leaves Indonesian territory or after reaching its total validity of 180 days.

A multiple-entry business visa enables you to leave the country and come back during its total validity of one year. However, each stay is limited by a 60-day stay permit that cannot be extended, meaning that a foreigner is obliged to leave Indonesia every 2 months.




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