Myths and Truths about a Business Visa in Indonesia

While coming to Indonesia as a tourist is usually without troubles, the image of a business visa is still unclear. As a foreigner living or visiting Indonesia, you might not be familiar with all visa regulations. However, being unaware is no excuse – and do not be mistaken – the Indonesian government is not afraid to deport foreign nationals who violate visa regulations.

A business visa allows its holders to make a business in Indonesia.


A name of BUSINESS visa gives a misleading perception that its holders are allowed to make a business in Indonesia. But beware – even though you can conduct business activities, those are restricted to activities that do not bring any kind of financial profit.

In other words, a business visa should be used for the purpose of attending seminars, business meetings or workshops. Any activity that requires or gives you a salary or other forms of compensation is forbidden.

Should you work in Indonesia, a working visa together with a work permit must be secured.

The Indonesian government is famous for its strict checks of visas.


Indeed, the Indonesian government imposes strict regulations regarding visas. Due to the continuous high unemployment rate – with average of 6.1 percent since 1982 – the Indonesian government regularly checks illegal employment of foreigners.

Rather than facing legal consequences, approach our consultants from Cekindo is a better solution. We will make sure that your activities in Indonesia correspond with your visa.

A multiple entry business visa allows me to stay in Indonesia for a period of 12 months.


While the validity of a multiple entry business visa in Indonesia is 12 months, its holders are not allowed to stay in Indonesia for this whole period. Similarly like single entry visa, the maximum stay in Indonesia – without leaving an archipelago – is 60 consequent days. After this period, a foreigner is obliged to leave a country and here comes the difference.

A single entry business visa becomes invalid when departing from Indonesia, and the new visa must be secured. However, a foreign national holding a multiple entry business visa can leave and come to Indonesia unlimited times during the period of 12 months stated in the foreigner’s passport.

I am from Afghanistan; I have no chance to get a business visa in Indonesia.


Even though Indonesia has a list of restricted countries, including Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, and Somalia, citizens of these countries can still apply for a business visa. However, beware. The conditions of getting such a visa are much stricter.

I cannot find a trustworthy sponsor for my business visa


We all agree that a final decision regarding your local sponsor in Indonesia should not be underestimated and choosing a seedy Indonesian sponsor does not worth the risk. Take your time and conduct proper market research, search for a reliable and trustworthy partner with a clear history. Or approach our consultants from Cekindo directly and be sure that your visa is in good hands.

Skip the hassle of reapplying your Indonesia business visa. Get a multiple-entry business visa with a reliable, trusted, and efficient partner. Call Cekindo today at +622 180 660 900.

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