How Good Business Address, Mail and Call Handling Can Grow Your Business

Establishing a new company in a new territory needs a lot of efforts and resources. Therefore, planning is crucial — not only in the initial phase of company establishment, but also during the time you run your business. In this special article, we are going to discuss about the trend of renting a professional virtual office with good business address in Jakarta. That provides good facilities you need to make sure that your business run excellently.

Regardless the size of the company, it is always important to allocate the budget wisely. Despite the fact that the company needs to prepare the requirements to be able to register the business legally in Indonesia, the company also has to plan some strategies to be able to penetrate into the new market. These activities require a great deal of money. Renting a virtual office will help new companies to cut the budget so that they can allocate the money for other importancies.

How to Choose the Right Virtual Office

However, the virtual office is not only good for start-ups. It is perfect for any companies that wish to play smart and use the resources effectively and efficiently. Don’t just choose a virtual office, but select the one that meet the following criteria:

  1. It has a good business address.
  2. It offers a dedicated phone number for your business.
  3. It has professional assistants or receptionists to answer your calls.
  4. It has call forwarding services to several phone numbers.
  5. It has personalized mailbox for every company that uses its services.
  6. It provides packages that suit to your company’s need (meeting rooms, fax, email forwarding, internet, etc.)
  7. It has values that also depict your company’s values.
  8. It does not only provide you with the virtual office you need, but also give you consultancy time so that you will be advised the following things:
    1. The government formalities your business needs to fulfill.
    2. Company registration process.
    3. The things you need to prepare if you want to change your business address.
    4. Dealing with Indonesian bureaucracy and legal system appropriately.
    5. Information on Indonesian taxation system.
    6. Requirements for specific companies in specific industries (regarding to Indonesian negative investment list or other restrictions).
    7. Help you with domicile letter.

How Choosing Appropriate Virtual Office Can Help You to Grow

Here are the reasons why choosing the virtual office selectively is fundamental to make sure that your business can grow excellently.

1. The Good Business Address to Represent Your Company Image

A good business address shows the image of your company. The good business address must be located in prestigious business area, which is easy to access and can give good impressions to your client if you host a meeting with them.

2. The Good Assistant to Handle Daily Task Effectively and Efficiently

It is also important to make sure that the virtual office offers help you with the handling daily tasks, such as receiving calls, packages, or mails on the behalf of your company and then giving them to you immediately. Forwarding faxes and emails to your business emails promptly, serving coffee when you decide to have meetings in the office, etc.

You don’t need to hire the assistant and give them monthly salary since the assistant is usually included in the package. Having a diligent, efficient, and effective assistant will tremendously save a great deal of your money, time, and energy so that you can focus more on the business strategies and activities. It makes you more independent.

3. Opportunities to Expand Networking for You and Your Business Professional Development

For sure, if you decide to use a professional virtual office’s services, you will be surrounded by other growing businesses. It is a good opportunity to expand your networking with other similar or even different businesses. You will meet people from different backgrounds and expertise so that bigger opportunities can be created along the way. At least, you will share one similarity with them, which is the willingness to evolve personally and professionally to develop the business.

4. Matched Values between the Virtual Office and Your Business

It is best to find a virtual office that can correspond to your business values. Remember that your office is the “face” of your company—the thing that your clients see for the first time. Therefore, we highly recommend you to do some research and visit the venue to make sure that the office has the things that you need. The design of the building, the interior designs, the parking lot, the facilities, and the special features (such as eco-friendly concepts, high-tech environment, working attitudes of the staff, the assistant’s friendliness and level of language proficiencies, etc.) are things you should pay attention to in a more detailed manner to make sure that you have chosen the right location that resembles the values of your company.

Once you decide the most appropriate virtual office for your company, you will work hand-in-hand with them to make sure that the business runs and grows positively. Paying attention to those small details can also increase your clients’ trust of your company.

5. Mutual Partnership that Initiate Each Other’s Growth

As your business is growing, the virtual office is also growing. It means that both your company and the virtual officehave a mutual partnership. It is important to always monitor the progress and see whether or not you need additional services. Which can be a bigger meeting room, more assistants, a better internet connection, and other services that may enhance the performance of your business. Communicate this with the virtual office manager and discuss everything for a better collaboration in the future.

We will provide you with more information on how our virtual office can support you and your business. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us or leave a message so that our staff can assist you further.



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