Can You Start a Business with Your Indonesian Spouse?

In Indonesia and as a foreigner, you will only qualify for a spouse KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) or spouse visa when you are married to an Indonesian national legally under the law by obtaining the recognition from the Indonesian government office in which you get married.

With that being said, status such as domestic partnership (couples that have been living together but have yet to legalize their relationship) will not be accepted for and granted a spouse visa.

Foreigners who obtain a spouse visa through legal marriage in Indonesia are able to retain their visa permanently, provided that the marriage has lasted for over 10 years, even when they get divorced or the spouse dies after.

If you hold a spouse visa, you may be asking these questions:

  • Can I start a business in Indonesia with my spouse visa?
  • Am I allowed to work at a company?
  • What can I do with this visa type?

This article answers all your questions. Read on.

Doing Business in Indonesia with a Spouse Visa

According to the Indonesian Law, foreigners in Indonesia who are entitled to spouse visa are allowed to do business in the country, for the purpose of providing for or taking care of their families and making their ends meet.

With that being said, what kind of business can be conducted by a foreigner on a spouse visa? Unfortunately, this has not been clearly defined by the law and thus a grey zone still exists for this matter.

The government of Indonesia has been working on the grey zone. In November 2012, a governmental public meeting did mention that foreigners on a spouse visa are allowed to work as long as no employees are hired. Furthermore, foreigners should work in an informal sector in Indonesia.

The context can be further explained that without having any employees, foreigners are permitted to work independently on a spouse visa. Private tutors, painters, artists, and various freelancing jobs should be suitable options.

In another case, of which a foreigner is to assist their Indonesian spouse in a business on a spouse visa, the regulation is still unclear. The permission of such case still relies quite significantly on the review and decision of the local officers in Indonesia.


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