How to get Virtual Office in Jakarta

In this digital era, we have the privilege of high technology to simplify our lives, including office space. Working area now has no limitation, you can work anywhere you want, by using virtual office it becomes possible. Virtual office offers you many advantages (read: Virtual Office in Jakarta: Complete Guide), in this article we want to share you the step-by-step information to get a virtual office for your business especially in Jakarta, check them out!

How to get the virtual office?

#1. What is your needs?

Firstly, you have to know what is your business’ needs (check: virtual office detail packages). Cekindo can help you in defining your needs for Indonesian market, we have successfully assisted hundred of companies to expand their business to this country. Then you can directly choose which package that’s the most suitable for you (read: How Good Business Address, Mail And Call Handling Can Grow Your Business).

#2. Find The Strategic Location

Jakarta is the capital city and business center of Indonesia. Nevertheless, Jakarta is the biggest city not only in Indonesia, also in Southeast Asia. No wonder if Jakarta becomes the number one most favorite city to invest in Indonesia.

With an area of 661.5 km² Jakarta divided into 5 administrative cities, and there are:

  • Central Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat),
  • West Jakarta (Jakarta Barat),
  • South Jakarta (Jakarta Selatan),
  • East Jakarta (Jakarta Timur), and
  • North Jakarta (Jakarta Utara).

By this extensive area, you really need to find the most suitable location in Jakarta for your business, also in choosing virtual office.




Because there’s a possibility later on you might need to meet you customers and using meeting room, so by having a strategic and good business address will make a good impression for your business partners (read: Comparing Virtual Office and Conventional Office).

#3. Contact the potential vendors

Next step is you have to contact the potential virtual office vendors. You can simply contact them through phone call, email or live chat.

We are also welcome you to contact us, via:

  • Email :,
  • Live chat in our website :, or
  • Phone : you can call us and ask for the inquiry +62 21 80660900.

#4. Check out the office

Checking up the office is a very important step. Why? You need to make sure the office that you will be cooperate with is reliable and professional. You also have to see directly that the company is really exist, not “virtual” only. In case something unexpectedly happen in the future, you know where to go and talk face to face. 

You can visit us at Grand Slipi Tower, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav.22-24, Unit 9G, Cekindo Business Center, Palmerah – Slipi, Jakarta Barat 11480 (Check out our picture gallery)

#5. Discuss

Discuss all your needs with the vendors, make sure they provide all of your business needs, always communicate briefly every detail of your requests to the vendor so they can understand and prepare it as you wish. You can meet and discuss with our professional team about your business needs. As Cekindo is a consulting company, you can talk and consult about your business with us. But if you can’t visit our office, we are also welcome you to discuss with us through email, chat or phone call.

#6. Sign Contract

This is the most crucial step among the others. Check all points of the contract and make sure they are stated just exactly as the both sides have agreed. In this phase, the vendors might be request some documents from you. In Cekindo, we require copy of ID Card and NPWP (Tax number) from the potential clients.

#7. Payment

Almost there, complete all the payment and send back the receipt as the proof that you have completed the payment. The payment can be done in several ways, such as: direct bank transfer, credit card, or paypal.

FINAL – GO! Office is Ready

Yes, this is the final step to get your virtual office in Jakarta. You can enjoy the virtual office service based on the packages that you have chose. You can work anywhere, anytime, but still in professional way!

At this final step, Cekindo will send you the welcoming book contains the services information that you will get based on the virtual office package that you have selected. You will also get domicile letter (2 days process), if you take virtual office for 1 year at least.

Cekindo will assist you to get your virtual office in Jakarta, for further information you can submit you question through the form below or simply send us email to



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