Co-Working Etiquette: How to Behave in Shared Offices

Imagine when you are working in a co-working space, a person a few metres away from your desk is talking and laughing so loudly on his phone without being considerate. Do you confront him and ask him to stop? Or being frustrated, you just sit and get nothing of your work done?

If you don’t want to be the same person in the scenario, here are some of the courteous co-working etiquette tips you can follow, in order to make co-working space a nicer place for everyone to finish their job effectively.  


#1 Keep Your Voice Down

One of the most important etiquettes you must pay attention to is to be mindful of your volume, and keep the place quiet. A co-working space is an open office area, therefore your voice will be carried easily through other parts of the workplace.

If you really need to talk aloud on your phone especially when someone on the other side has a hard time hearing you, be respectful and try to go to the communal areas.

One more thing, please remember to keep your phone on silence mode, or at the very least, on vibration mode that won’t disturb other people in the same space.


#2 Clean Up and Leave No Trace

Be considerate to the staff and other members you work with—try to leave the workspace like nobody has used it. If you have your meals in the kitchen, don’t leave your dishes in the sink or the counter.

It’s for sure that you don’t want someone to do the same thing to you by leaving their empty potato chips bag on your desk. Clean up before you leave.


#3 Connect with Members

One of the perks of co-working space is the opportunity for you to network and make connections with new people. This is where a potential partnership or collaboration is forged.  Take time to introduce yourself and your business to fellow members, and don’t forget to ask about theirs as well.

This is one of the reasons why Bali, Indonesia and Chiang Mai, Thailand became famous expat’s spots. While many places offer warm weather and amazing views, it is networking what attracts thousands of digital nomads every year.

You might not see the benefits right away, but these connections can be valuable in the future and earn you some free advertising and business opportunities.

#4 Prepare Your Own Supplies

Always bring your own supplies such as stationeries, cables, snacks, etc. Unless there’s an emergency, try not to ask from your neighbours sitting next to you as they are here for the same reason—to concentrate on their tasks. If the member or workspace manager does lend you their supplies, remember to return once you are done. Be courteous.


#5 Don’t Overuse the Shared Facilities

If you have booked a conference room only for two hours, leave exactly after two hours. Don’t overstay and make the next group of people who need the room waiting outside. They might need the meeting room so badly just like you.

For shared equipment like printers, print what you need at that moment but not all your work documents that you might need after two weeks.  


#6 Use Only Space You’re Assigned

Don’t use a spot when it is unauthorized for your usage. If the space is empty, it doesn’t mean you can use two working desks by leaving your bags on them. Besides, if you are at a communal table, try not to take up a large space just for yourself—just use what you need. If you respect others, others will do the same to you as well.


Cekindo provides co-working spaces and shared offices in three cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta and Semarang on Java island and Denpasar in Bali. As such we can easily match your requirements. Get in touch with us for more information.

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