Home Office vs. Co-Working Office: Future of Indonesia

If you are a freelancer, a startup who can’t afford an expensive office, or individual with a job that allows you to work remotely, would you just stay at home to hustle, or choose a co-working office instead? The answer may vary based on your personal preferences and circumstances, and we will leave this for you to decide after you have read the article.

What is a Co-Working Office in Indonesia?

Co-working office in Indonesia, a shared working environment, has progressively gained its fame all over the country, especially in Bali, Jakarta, and Semarang. Contrary to the conventional office space in Indonesia, co-working office provides a more laid-back environment with people from all walks of life, industries, and nationalities.

Those who are involved in property related industries are now exploring new opportunities from the surge of demand for unconventional co-working office in Indonesia — catering to needs of startups, freelancers, and digital nomads.

The following details will provide you with a comparison of the pros and cons of home office versus co-working office, and how co-working office is shaping the future of Indonesia.

Home Office vs. Co-Working Office in Indonesia: The Pros and Cons

Home Office

Your own home can be the best place on earth because it allows you to relax, provides you with personal space and flexibility. There is no other place which can provide you all the convenience and comfort you need that a home does. However, a home office needs a high level of self-discipline and all the convenience you have at home might turn into a bad influence to your work performance.In that respect, your home office has become a little too comfortable for you and perhaps turn out to be counter-productive. Your concentration abilities drop, your motivation decreases, and eventually, you turn into an uber procrastinator. All the entertainment at home is a distraction and a used-to-be comfy house that you can’t wait to go back to will develop into a stressful place — when you combine home and work spaces together.

Co-Working Office in Indonesia

When it comes to co-working office, the expanding nomadic tribes, and startups that do business in Indonesia with limited capital at their disposal, find that this unorthodox working environment is exactly what they need. Why? This is because a co-working office is specially tailored for them to thrive with top-notch amenities at a minimal cost. This is not all. Not only that a co-working office will get your job done faster while working with the vibrant and supportive community, you will also be able to meet all the inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals in this collaborative working space in Indonesia. Do not confuse the boring cubicles with co-working office — a co-working space in Indonesia is a beautiful environment with uplifting souls that allow you to build your own culture and bring your vision and goals to life. It’s also ideal for networking, learning new things, and gaining fresh perspectives.


Comparisons at a Glance

Home Office

Co-Working Office in Indonesia

Basically no cost

A shared office at minimal cost

Location varies

Prestigious office address

Working in isolation with limited network and contacts

Building a community and expanding network

Full flexibility that fits your lifestyle

High flexibility with 24/7 shared space

Minimal to no commute

Commute required and it depends on distance


Available mostly in Bali, Jakarta, Java (Semarang)

Lack of professional presentation when meeting is required

Professional space with fully-furnished meeting rooms

Internet speed varies. Limited workstation solutions

High-speed internet with extensive workstation solutions

No technical or administrative support

Administrative support and free business consultation


Daily cleaning and maintenance

Countless distractions without self-control

No distractions



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