Common Mistakes with Indonesian Business Visa

Millions of people come to the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia from around the world every year. Be it as tourists or foreigners who conduct businesses or settle in Indonesia for any period of time, the number of visa applications received by the Indonesian government every year is astounding.

If you visit Indonesia for a business-related purpose without intending to gain any profits or income in Indonesia, a business visa is the one you need to go for.

Applying for a business visa is often a hassle-free process that only requires you to submit an application along with necessary documents online. With the assistance from Cekindo, you will be able to complete the business visa application process in 6 to 10 working days without any issues.

While the process of getting a business visa in Indonesia is seamless, there are times when your business visa may be delayed or rejected. This can happen if you intend to do this on your own without familiarising yourself with the latest immigration laws and regulations in Indonesia.

That is why through this article, we elaborate the common mistakes with Indonesian business visa, so that you can avoid doing them.

1. Applying for Only Single-Entry Business Visa

Many foreigners think that there is only one type of business visa, i.e. single-entry visa. They have no idea that a multiple-entry visa does exist.

Therefore, if you plan to visit Indonesia multiple times in a year, you should apply for a multiple-entry business visa, not a single-entry visa. A single-entry visa only allows you enter Indonesia once but multiple-entry business visa has a one year validity and permits you to enter and leave Indonesia many times.

However, even when a multiple-entry business visa gives you the right to enter and leave as many times as you need, the stay period for each entry to Indonesia is limited for only 60 days. The same as a single-entry visa, the stay period is 60 days and you are required to leave the country when the period is over.

Do not even think about overstaying your expired business visa because the punishment can be severe. You will have to pay a fine of US$25 per day, put in the detention until you pay the fine, or even face deportation and never be allowed to enter Indonesia again.  

Therefore, checking your business visa expiration date and other relevant documents to be in compliance with Indonesian Immigration Law should always be your priority when it comes to visiting Indonesia.

2. Having No Sponsor for Business Visa in Indonesia

To apply for a business visa in Indonesia, you must have a sponsorship letter or an invitation letter from an Indonesian company. This Indonesian company must be a legal entity registered in Indonesia.

Without the sponsorship letter, you will stand no chance of getting any types of business visa. Be extra careful though if you intend to find a sponsor on your own because you might put your application at risk by engaging an unreliable company.

If you are not able to get a legal entity in Indonesia to sponsor your business visa application, Cekindo can always act as one and the entire process is rather easy.

3. Not Applying for Business Visa Online

A business visa is definitely not a visa that you can get it directly at the border without applying. However, the application does not have to be cumbersome.

We advise you to apply for your business visa online as the process is simple and the time required is also shorter.

By applying face-to-face at the immigration office, you run the risk of submitting documents that do not comply with the requirements and your entire business trip may have to be postponed.

All these can be avoided through online application – all you need to do is just to fill in your personal details, sponsor’s details and an attachment of the copy of your return flight ticket.

Indonesian Business Visa Application Made Easy and Simple

Cekindo provides online service for your business visa application. Apply now or talk to us first if you are not sure about the application process and required documents. One of our visa experts will be happy to guide you through.


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