Don't Work from Home, Cowork Instead: Here's Why

The coworking culture has gained so much attention these days, including in Indonesia.
As technology evolves and more and more business ideas arise, a significant rising number of remote workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers was reported joining this growing trend.
Companies in Indonesia are now excited about remote collaboration possibilities through coworking. 
So what makes coworking space –a shared and communal setting where professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs work together – more effective than working from home?
The biggest positive point would be having the flexibility to work in an environment that sparks your creativity and fits your own pace, with very minimum costs.
Here Cekindo gives you some amazing reasons you are better off working in a coworking space than in a home office. 

Coworking Space over Home Office 

Job Opportunities and Potential Clients 
You will see many entrepreneurs and startups running their businesses from coworking spaces. These people are constantly seeking candidates with great talent and skill.  Since they embrace coworking culture, they will also see you as their potential hire if you possess the skill sets they are looking for. 
As for freelancers and employees working on contracts, you may meet your potential clients who would want to work with you on projects. 
Networking Opportunities 
Coworking spaces are often regarded as creative and collaborative communities. This idea-sharing environment enables coworkers to connect with people from different professional and personal backgrounds.
Therefore, being in a coworking space is never lonely or overwhelming as you get to network with real and like-minded human beings. 
This is something working from home lacks, on a daily basis. The isolation and loss of human touch could be detrimental to your creativity and well-being. 
No Stress and Relaxing Setting
People who work in coworking spaces often are people advocate for a stress-free working environment.  And believe it or not, it is reported that you get more work done when you’re not stressed. Therefore, your chaotic home office where you confine yourself can produce a negative result to your productivity.  
Focus Improvement
If you try to work from home, you will find that you try very hard to maintain a good balance between your professional and personal lives.
There are so many distractions at home you can think of: people knocking at the door, phone ringing, family members talking, etc. It is always hard to gain back your focus after you’re distracted for even only a few minutes. 
A coworking office, however, can help you avoid these distractions and produce your best work.  
New Friends and Social Networking
People whom you collaborate with in a coworking space can be your buddy both personally and professionally. Your social circle will also expand as time goes on when you work in a coworking space. 
The sincere friendship you foster with these coworkers will not only create great memories and inspire you, but will also help you achieve professional success unexpectedly.  This is something people working from home do not get to enjoy. 
You never know who you will end up meeting – they could be your new best friend or your lifelong comrade.

Why Choose Cekindo’s Coworking Spaces in Indonesia

Cekindo’s coworking spaces not only infuse flexibility into every single part of your business, they also display your team’s culture and enhance their productivity. Our flexible office solutions are all backed up by the professional services reserved for businesses of all forms. 
Now, you and your team can work outside the four walls in our creative and inspiring coworking community, free up your time and focus on what you are truly passionate about: the future of your business.
Cekindo’s cutting-edge coworking spaces that can be found in Jakarta, Bali and Semarang are ready for you – get involved now!

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