Coworking Space Indonesia: The Plus Points over Working from Home

People from all over the world have started embracing alternative forms of employment and working environment. This has led to the growing trend of remote workers working from home, café and coworking spaces. Especially for coworking spaces, its explosion is unstoppable as there are more people than ever doing their job in coworking spaces. This trend using a coworking space to work has also been observed in Indonesia. 

Coworking spaces allow people to work through renting a workspace that provides various benefits. The evolving work culture is an indication that more and more people will like to exert more control over their work. 

For bootstrapping entrepreneurs and freelancers, they are especially benefited from the coworking concept. If you are someone who has been working at home for a long time, switching from home to a coworking space may be a hard decision for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the plus points of a coworking space over working from home and how they are useful for you, especially when you are in Indonesia.

The Price Tag

Contrary to what most people think, coworking spaces are inexpensive and very affordable even to solopreneurs and startups. Of course, there are those expensive and fancy ones for you to opt for just for their novelty. 
Therefore, no matter what your budget is and whatever size your business is, there are always coworking spaces of different features that will fit your requirements. All you need to do is just doing a little survey. 

The Social Network

One problem that coworking spaces solve is that they provide the best of both worlds for people who dread networking and people who love networking and sharing ideas.  In a coworking environment, it does not mean that you have to talk to everyone in the same space or force a smile when you don’t feel like it. Let’s be real, people are there to get work done too so most of the time people will just focus on their tasks as well. 

On the other side, if you’re an aspiring startup seeking out talents and partners, a coworking space is a perfect environment to do so. Believe it or not, like-minded people who want to network and work together will find each other in this encouraging social environment. Be prepared to be invited to community and innovative idea exchanges events at the coworking spaces to know people with great passion as you do.

The Interruption

Working from home brings one common issue: you will get distracted most of the time such as noise from your family members and neighbours, the comfortable sofa and entertaining TV. 

Coworking spaces do have minor chatter too but most people are respectful and will try to keep the volume to the minimum. Sometimes, a little chatter can keep you awake and won’t be disturbing to your productivity. Those major distractions you get at home will crush your productivity significantly. 

The Opening Hours

Most coworking spaces are often open for long hours; some are even open 24/7. For most startups and entrepreneurs who juggle work and life and want to be flexible, you can go in and out the coworking spaces whenever you feel like it. Flexibility means more efficiency. Of course, the first thing you have to figure out is the opening hours of your coworking spaces. 

Especially for new startup business owners who tend to work long hours, coworking spaces are ideal because you’ll be motivated and working together with people with the same tenacity as you do.

Coworking Space Solution in Indonesia from Cekindo

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