Employment in Indonesia: Key Skills Employers Look for

Have you got the key skills that every employer is looking for? This is not a simple question and most graduates struggle to answer it.

Nowadays, employers put a lot of emphasis on finding the ideal candidates with the competencies and right skills to take the different positions in the company. The skills and knowledge required may vary and depend greatly on the profession and sector you choose to work in.

However, no matter what sector you are interested in or what career you have chosen, there are a few sought-after skills and qualities that will get you hired. These skills and qualities will serve you well across all kinds of roles and industries.

Hardly the new generation will stay in one job forever. Therefore, building these skills, or we call it soft skills, will turn you into the most desirable candidate for different types of jobs throughout your career life.

Read on to find out the top desired skills and prepare yourself for a successful career.

Communication Skills

The first and most important skill that most employers are looking for is strong communication skills. You will need to represent the company effectively by communicating with clients, co-workers and all stakeholders in person, or through calls, emails, meetings, presentations, on a daily basis.

Most importantly, great communications can help you articulate your point of view and ideas more precisely and clearly in a professional and concise manner. And the good news is, if you are a great communicator, your communication skills are the first thing your employer will find out during the interview.

Analytical Skills

In this era of data and technology, analytical skills are one of the critical factors that determine whether you will get hired. Companies will require you to be able to sort, analyse, interpret, and present data you have gathered with a favourable result or solution.  

Make no mistake, analytical skills are not just relevant to data analysis.

Companies are also looking for people who are able to display an ability to take on analytical and logical approach for problem solving and decision making.

Creative Thinking

We know that creative thinking is not exactly an easy skill to attain. But if you possess the ability to think creatively, it can make a huge difference for the success of your employment, as well as your performance in the company.

People who can think creatively are able to come up with something new and innovative – this can mean to develop a new product or service, solve an issue, dissolve a conflict, etc. In this ever-changing business world, employers are definitely excited to see their candidates having this quality.

Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

Regardless of the sector, position, job, company size, etc, candidates with great teamwork and collaboration skills will always catch an employer’s eye. Employers want to hire people who are cooperative and work well with others towards the company’s common goals and mission.

Not only that teamwork will produce efficient results, employees with the value of teamwork in mind will be able to foster relationships with co-workers and employers. This can maintain a positive workplace culture and harmony in the company.  

Positive Attitude and Humility

Having a positive attitude is key to show your employers that you’re always motivated and ready to give your best even in the most challenging circumstances. Plus, a positive attitude will be able to motivate others in the company as well. This quality is highly valued by employers because an employee with a positive attitude coupled with humility, is also more willing to learn new things and take in feedback to improve.

Recruitment with Cekindo

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