Entrepreneur Indonesia: 5 Signs You are Ready to Start Your Own Business

Is starting your own business, becoming an entrepreneur in Indonesia, one of the items you want to cross out in your bucket list? Many people would say yes to this question because honestly speaking, it is hard to find a job that your genuinely love nowadays. So why not start your own? 

But here comes another question: when is the best time to start your business? Truth be told, there is no specific answer to this but there are definitely some tell-tale signs indicating that you’re ready to become an entrepreneur in Indonesia. 

This article elaborates the five signs you are ready to start your own business and after reading through the article, you will know if it is the time for you to take the leap. 

You have all sorts of ideas and a plan

Your brain is always in its active mode with all sorts of ideas. However, having a good idea is barely an indication that you are ready to be an entrepreneur. You have some preliminary plan in your mind knowing some basic steps to take without executing blindly. 

If you always have this urge to come up with solutions with the problems you encounter in your job, and have successfully solved them so far, this could be a positive sign that you are ready to go out on your own. 

You are confident

Self-confidence can go a long way when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is a great sign when you’re not afraid of failure (which is possible in every business) and you believe in your ideas. 

You are not afraid to encounter all those closed doors when you first start out. If failure and “no” sound scary to you, you may want to wait a little bit and develop your self-confidence. It is because being afraid can be detrimental to your business. 

You possess great interpersonal skills

We all know that interpersonal skills are critical to both of our personal life and business.  It is an ability that allows you to communicate, negotiate and solve problems effectively. Interpersonal skills allow you to be a true leader in your own business. 

Without interpersonal skills, you may not be able to lead a team and your business performance can suffer tremendously.  If you do not have it now, don’t worry as interpersonal skills can be practiced, developed and finally possessed. 

You Spend Time Working on Your Ideas outside Working Hours

You don’t stay overtime in the office for the sake of earning praises from your boss and being unproductive. You go to work on-time, and you leave on-time. This is because you have more important things to do outside the office. 

You always know that you are not getting paid for those extra work helping other people building their business empire. So, you’d rather spend more time on yourself and develop your own skills, work on your ideas and start your idea with side hustle first, before you are ready to turn it into your own full-bloomed business. 

You Practice Powerful Habits and Disciplines

Powerful habits and disciplines can catapult your business greatly. And of course, the bad ones can definitely break your business. Your positive habits are always those things that lead you to feel good mentally and physically. 

Only with good health and vitality, you can be more focused, productive, creative and motivated. So if you have already had several good habits that you stick to every day, congratulations! It is a sign that you may be ready for this exciting entrepreneurial journey. 

Trust us, your physical and mental health is the ultimate determinant of the success of your business. 

Ready to Become An Entrepreneur in Indonesia?

So, do you think you have what it takes to start your own business in Indonesia? Tell us now and we’d love to help you transform your ideas into a concrete business.

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