Essential List to Check before Renting a Working Space in Jakarta

Business owners need private working spaces for different reasons. Your current working space setting may not give you enough privacy; or your team has outgrown the capacity of your existing working space. Whatever the reason may be, private working space is not a new concept and it is now growing rapidly in Jakarta to serve people like you to for higher productivity and cost-effectiveness. 

The flexible term private working space has evolved from its original concept of a shared workspace. It is a more upscale version with shared facilities but having more privacy for either a small or large team.  There are many variations of private working space based on your budget, team size and other business requirements: small office or big office, office with windows or office without windows.  

In this article, Cekindo will let you know what are the things you need to know before you go ahead and rent a private working space in Jakarta. 

Furniture with Excellent Design

The private workspace you choose should be highly concerned of the comfortable features in all their furniture, especially chairs and desks that you’re going to spend the most time on.  Cozy furniture ensures that you can work long hours without the risk of suffering from back pain and other health issues.

Vanguard Technology

Nowadays, it is hard for us to be productive at work without sound technology. They include high-speed WiFi, printers, photocopiers, presentation devices, advanced conferencing equipment and other latest office amenities. 

For example, a private workspace with spotty WiFi will certainly kill your productivity tremendously and that means you also lose money. Therefore, a great private workspace is equipped with stable and fast WiFi that allows you to access most local and global sites. 

Healthy and Green Workspace

Although this feature may not be as essential as the other features, it is also important to focus on finding a private workspace that is constructed and furnished with green building materials without toxins to protect the health of both employees and employers. Green building materials are also more eco-friendly.  

Warm and Helpful Staff

It is always nice to have friendly and helpful staff to help you out for any administrative enquiries or assistance in private workspace. Of course, Cekindo has this covered as well with our private working spaces. 

From fixing a photocopier technical issue to needing more paper, suggesting a nice restaurant for lunch nearby to assisting with the phone system, the professionally trained staff is always at your service.  

High Flexibility

You have tons of choices when it comes to choosing your private workspace in Jakarta. You may prefer a large space with meeting rooms to meet your clients; or you may want just a small space with windows to work with your startup team while enjoying the view of the city. 

Furthermore, when the existing private workspace does not suit your business needs anymore – your team have grown or you require more features to run your business – you can also switch from one private workspace to another when necessary. 

Cekindo’s Private Working Space in Jakarta

Cekindo connects you with our full-serviced and flexible private workspaces that fit your every business need and budget. Our private working space in Jakarta gives you peace of mind: from cozy office space complete with receptionist and great coffee to comfortable lounge chilling with other like-minded people. 

In addition, Cekindo is a one-stop consulting services provider in business, marketing, finance and law to get your business up and going. Contact us now so that you can immerse yourself in an ideal workspace by doing the work you love. 

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