How to Find the Ideal Coworking Space for Your Team in Semarang?

The creation of coworking spaces started with a simple idea: people needed a place to complete their work with the maximum flexibility and low costs, and be able to network and build relationships. Walk into a coworking space in Semarang and you will notice right away that it feels absolutely different and more dynamic from a traditional office. 
The vibrant and energetic atmosphere that a coworking space in Semarang exudes is not the only things that bring people together. Coworking space also offers the possibility to engage in and share new ideas, build meaningful relationships and grow your business. As the demand for coworking space has grown significantly, today we see coworking spaces that are much more high-tech, offering a variety of services and tools to meet the needs of the team of your business. 
With so many spaces to choose from, Cekindo has picked out the top tips for you to choose the ideal coworking space for you tenacious team. 

1. Is the location good?

Is the location of your chosen coworking space convenient and easily accessible for you, your team and your clients? Is it close to amenities such as cafes, restaurants, banks, etc.? Is it at an area that is safe and well-known? Finding the right location that works for your team is a good head-start.

2. Does the coworking space culture resemble your company’s?

Coworking spaces are usually casual spaces where you can see people of different professions on their jeans and sneakers playing darts and taking afternoon naps. On the contrary, in a regular office you can only see formal suits and ties. Is this the kind of workspace culture work for your team? You need to know this.

3. Are there any professional development and social events?

Professional development and social events are very common in coworking spaces. These events include skill sharing, lunches, networking and meet-ups, and workshops. If these events are important for your team development and network building, you need to find a space with event offerings that will be in sync with your business needs. 

4. Are there necessary amenities?

Amenities are important features when it comes to choosing a perfect coworking space. You need to know what the amenities are that fit your team’s requirements. They could be fully-equipped meeting rooms, event space, private calls booth, scanners, printers, video conferencing, or even good coffee. 

5. Is it possible to grow your team in that space?

You have to think that one day you may have to grow your team when your business prospers. Let’s say you have a team of five people now and can you accommodate a team of twenty with this space in the future? Does the coworking space provider offer a larger office for your team to move into without any hassles? 

6. Do they have the latest technology?

You can imagine how frustrating it is when you try to get your work done but you cannot because of the sluggish WiFi. This means lower productivity and could be a total disaster to your business. Make sure you look at not just the coworking space’s internet speed, but everything IT that is critical for your team to be productive.

Cekindo’s Coworking Space in Semarang

Cekindo’s coworking space in Semarang is inarguably one of the best with features such as top-notch meeting rooms, flexible hours, hi-tech amenities, vibrant environment and great networks. We organise events, such as workshops, seminars and meet-ups from time to time. 

Choosing Cekindo’s coworking space in Semarang is any day a better choice than a traditional office cubicle. Join us now and add values to your business.

Contact us to know more about our coworking space in Semarang.


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