Grow Your Business in Bali

Can Moving to Bali Help Your Business Grow?

Moving to Bali will not only give you the opportunity to spend endless days on a tropical island with low costs of living, surrounded by stunning nature, it can also help your business grow. A new place comes with new insights, new energy, new inspiration and new people. You are not alone!

Bali is home to lots of expats following the same dream as you: running a successful business while living the sweet tropical island life. Bali is indeed a great place to live, it’s tropical and exotic, it's got a unique culture and breathtaking nature and yet, you won’t have to miss out on modern comforts or even luxuries.

Especially when staying in popular places like Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, Nusa Dua or Sanur, you get to meet like-minded expats, there are western-style supermarkets and cinemas around, people speak English and you can rent a private luxury villa at prices you just won’t believe are possible.

Running a business in Bali

For those of you wanting to start a business in Bali, the best thing is to move here. This way, you will get a good understanding of the Balinese people and the local culture. In order to live and start a business here in Bali, you will need to follow up on a bunch rules and you will need to obtain the right visa.

Applying for a KITAS (stay permit) and an IMTA (work permit) also comes with a whole lot of paperwork and requirements. First thing, as the owner of a business, you need to open an Indonesian bank account containing at least USD 10.000 to start your business with. You need to set up a company (either a local or foreign-owned)  so your business is legally registered and then you can start applying for your KITAS.

Running a business from Bali

Of course, your company doesn’t have to be based in Bali. Your business can be based in your home country while running it abroad from the inspiring tropical environment of Bali. As long as you don’t do business in Indonesia or earn money from Indonesian companies, there is no working permit needed. You can stay by getting a business visa Bali using a local sponsor.

With a business visa, you can enter the country as often as you like but you will have to exit once every 60 days. Another option is to apply for a social-cultural visa, allowing you to stay in the country for up to 6 months. Again, you will need a sponsor to obtain this visa and after 2 months, you will need to extend the visa monthly.


Virtual Offices and co-working spaces

Thinking about starting your business here in Bali but not quite sure yet? Cekindo Business Center virtual office or co-working spaces are the ideal places where to start your business. Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs and like-minded expats surely can give that boost that you need to start your business in Bali or to help make it grow. You can meet other expats from different backgrounds and inspiring life-stories – some of them took this giant leap, starting their business on the sacred grounds of Bali Island and some are still playing with the idea.

It’s a great place to get informed, ask questions and obtain first-hand experiences. For those running a business abroad while living the good life in Bali, Cekindo Business Center is also a great place to find inspiration, to meet people, make friends and expand your horizon.

Don’t hesitate to visit us at our office in Kuta, we will welcome you and discuss about the possibilities of doing business in Bali.

You can also reach us through email at or call us at +62361 2090200. We're also available in WhatsApp Chat.


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