How a Virtual Office Improves Business

When it comes to lease an office space in Indonesia, it’s a toss between a physical and virtual office. While both have their pros and cons, a virtual office Indonesia gives you a better business edge.

1. Cost Savings

The cost of office rent in Indonesia is definitely cheaper than in other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore or Hong Kong. Furthermore, with the lower occupancy rate, prices are more likely to drop.

Businesses, however, can still expect spending at least $300 a month for an office in the capital. That’s on top of electricity costs, office equipment, furniture, business permits, and staffing. Although you always have the option to rent shop houses, which are usually the most affordable, they are not that reliable.

An Indonesia virtual office can save you a lot of money. Cekindo’s Ultimate Package, for example, costs as low as $70 a month. It already includes a prestigious address, call handling, and mail handling.

You can also take advantage of its flexibility. Cekindo can provide you with 3 or 12 month lease, whichever works your budget.

2. Professional Image and Complete Access to Facilities

With a physical office, you’ll end up with a very small space if you’re on a tight budget. There may not be enough room for meetings and presentations. You may then have to do it elsewhere, such as in a coffee shop or a function room in a restaurant or hotel. A coffee shop does not really make a statement for a business. Besides, these entail more costs on your end.

A virtual office in Indonesia saves you the trouble by giving you access to many business facilities from the pantry to the meeting rooms. It has a spacious and well-designed lobby as well as a reception desk for a more professional feel. Cekindo has partnerships with banks and postal services, to name a few, to facilitate a smoother operation.

3. Collaboration and Joint Ventures

One of the underrated benefits of a virtual office is the opportunity to meet and network. This is because you can also have a service office. A huge office can have many small companies that are always ready to do business with you. If not, you can learn more about other industries or the ways of doing business in Indonesia.

If privacy is what you’re after, an Indonesia virtual office always includes a cubicle, usually protected with glass.

4. Transport

In Jakarta, the problem is not the distance – it’s the traffic. You can get stuck on the road for an hour or two (or even longer)! You can avoid all that as you continue to do your business at the comforts of your home. When you need to visit the office, everything you need, from the restaurants to hotels, are nearby.

5. Supporting Staff

Doing business in Indonesia can be complicated. There are many rules and regulations to follow, especially among foreign companies. Setting up a physical office makes it even more difficult. Usually, when you’re on your own.

Virtual offices run with a full staff. You’ll have your reception desk, a secretary, a cleaner, etc. You don’t have to worry about common business issues in the country like power outages.

6. Prestigious Address and a Dedicated Number

Your business address and your dedicated phone number matters. It gives your business power, influence, and status. It is a source of bragging right. It creates the idea of a growing and successful business – one that investors and customers like would like to deal with.

Finding a good address in places like Jakarta or Bali is easy. It’s the costs that stop you from pursuing it.

Cekindo can provide you with a virtual office in the financial and business districts. These buildings also house multinational companies and start-ups you definitely want your business name to be associated with.

With an Indonesia virtual office, you just don’t save money. You enhance your business operations and image. Let us know how we can help you.


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