How to Choose the Best Background Check Company in Indonesia

Employee background check is becoming more important and many employers in Indonesia conduct them through the assistance from a background check company. This is because a detailed background check on employees during the hiring process is critical to the success of businesses of all sizes. 
While a perfect resume and a terrific interview are big parts in the hiring decision, a background check is definitely an essential piece of information for your recruitment. Background check companies in Indonesia verify all vital information such as identity, resume, education and employment history, criminal activity, professional qualifications, and other candidate’s records. 
But how do you choose the best background check company to help you make a final hiring decision? Here, Cekindo provides some useful information that you can use to choose the best background check company in Indonesia.

Comprehensive Services

Different background check companies can offer different range of services. A background check company with comprehensive services is always the best to go as they take the full burden off your shoulder for all investigations. These extensive checks and verification include personal identity, criminal history, educational and professional qualifications, as well as drug screening, financial history and employee references. 
Opt for the type of services that you need and they can delve deeper into the investigations and provide you with detailed reports. 

Service Price

For almost all businesses, cost is always an element to consider in selecting a service. Depending on how detailed you would like to find out about your candidates, the background check service prices can vary. Often, there is a base price and then an additional fee. Check what services are covered with the base price, and what are the additional fees for you to include other services. 
And remember, do not just focus on the cheapest prices as the point of background checks is to get a quality screening to know about your potential hire. 

Indonesian Legal Compliance

A good background check company will let you know your legal responsibility and requirements on employment screenings to ensure adherence to Indonesia law and regulations. They will review the state rules, make sure you have consent from your candidates and give you advice of your obligations when using the reports for your hiring decision. 

Report Accuracy

Not all information is accurate in background checks if the company you choose is not experienced. A background check report is not like a credit report as there is no specific way for you to detect the inaccuracy. Therefore, you need to be aware that the background check company you engage with is reliable, experienced and is known for giving accurate reports.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time of a background check may vary among service providers and also how deep the investigation is. For a standard check, it would just take less than a week for a good background check company to complete. Make sure about the turnaround time before you purchase the service to keep your hiring process on track without delays. 

Service Area of Background Check

Some background check service providers may only provide services locally instead of globally. Therefore, if your require both national and international information about a potential hire, you need to look for one with the service offering as well. 

Background Check in Indonesia with Cekindo

Carrying out background checks on hiring candidates is an effective way to find out the potential issues that could put your business at risk. Cekindo has a team of experts with trained eyes, experience and screening process to discover the discrepancies between the candidates’ information provided and our background check results.
We know that you have high talent standards, so let Cekindo helps you through our comprehensive background checks and you will be better equipped to make an informed hiring decision. 
Get in touch with us to know more about our background check services in Indonesia.

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