How to Look Professional when Working from Bali

When you first started your job in Bali, with all the beautiful views and laid-back atmosphere, especially for digital nomads, freelancers and solopreneurs, you might have thought you’d get away with working in just casual outfits and your humble home office. However, every once in a while, you will have to meet clients and it’s certain that you can’t meet them at home or show up in your yoga pants.

One key way to be successful working from Bali is to establish trust and credibility, by giving both professionally personal and business appearance. Even if you have a small business with a very restrictive budget, you can still invest in products and services that can do the job. Here are some tips to help you and your business stand out among the crowd in Bali.

Dress to Impress

You certainly don’t need to wear a tuxedo every day in your office or co-working space in Bali, that’s going too far. Instead, when meeting customers, a smart look is highly recommended as the first impression is always made within the first 3 seconds. You are much more likely to be considered worth doing business with if dress appropriately for your job.  

Quality Customer Service

Quality customer service says a great deal about your business – from initial dealing until the final delivery. Don’t scrimp on customer service, especially at the beginning, as it will be customer’s lasting impression of you. Customer service includes the way you handle clients, phone etiquette, providing solutions, and all sorts of communications. If you don’t have the patience or time this type of tasks, outsourcing your customer service in Bali or renting a virtual office would be ideal. All your incoming calls will be taken care of professionally.

A Local Presence with Prestigious Address

If you’re a digital nomad or freelancer, you might already have an amazing online presence. However, you also want to make your business to appear professional in reality. It is unwise to list your home address online if you work from home. Instead, acquire a business mailing address that your contacts can use to reach you.  Otherwise, you can opt for a virtual office that gives you a central business address in an office building, without owning an office. For example, Cekindo’s virtual office in Bali gives you a registered and prestigious address with call handling and other services included.

Book a Professional Meeting Venue

We all know coffee shops are nice with nice music and chill ambient. However, if you ever need to meet with clients, coffee shops are not the best places to meet unless you are familiar with your clients. Bali has a variety of affordable co-working spaces, serviced offices and virtual offices with meeting rooms, which you can reserve a space for occasional client meetings. If you plan to use the meeting room more often, you can also rent the space by weeks or months.

Brand Yourself of Your Business

However big or small your business is, branding will help catapult your business professionalism to a whole new level. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend big bucks on a new logo. Instead, a simple and inexpensive logo will help you in building your brand as an industry professional. Besides, your business should look the same wherever your target audience sees it. For examples, the design and presentation of your business card, website, social platforms, etc.

Your professional self-image and business image are crucial when working from Bali. This is because how you present yourself to clients defines how successful your business will be.

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