Interpreting Service at the Czech Embassy in Jakarta

Indonesian citizens who apply for a two-year-long stay in the Czech Republic might get quite a surprising request from the Czech Embassy in Indonesia - “come with a Czech interpreter”.

As the process of obtaining a stay permit is stricter than getting a regular tourist visa, applicants might be invited for an interview to explain their background and elaborate on their reasons why they chose living in the small country of Czechia.

Even though this process is familiar to anybody who applied for a stay permit abroad, the Czech Republic made it more demanding and stressful for applicants.

The reasons behind are unclear. It might be a gap in the law or an effort of the European hosting countries to avoid accepting immigrant who would stay in the country longer or even pass the borders and run to any other Schengen country.

However, the outcome is straightforward. In this particular case, the Czech immigration law states that the interview must be led in Czech language only.

The Process of the Interview

The Czech consul, who is fluent in English, will ask questions in Czech. Your interpreter, who is legally bound to interpret correctly, will translate from Czech to English and then from English to Czech.

After a final report is printed, your Czech speaker will translate all your answers from the Czech report to English. If all the information is correct, nothing more than signing the document is needed.

The Czech Embassy will inform you about the results in 2 or 3 days.

Cekindo Can Help

As a multinational company with roots in the Czech Republic, Cekindo’s employees come from different countries around the world. Our Czech speakers in Jakarta would be happy to assist you at the Embassy and help you to get a visa to the Czech Republic. Contact us today and get your Czech interpreter.

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