Virtual Office in Jakarta: The Complete Guide

Get Rid of Problems with Office in Indonesia

As an emerging market, Indonesia offers wide ranges and types of customers that will definitely attract many foreign companies to invest in this multicultural country. Moreover, the country’s economic positives, such as its demographic, customers’ characteristics, human resources, natural resources, etc. are other magnets that make foreign investors target this country. However, for those with limited capital, it is difficult to even start the business because the government clearly states that having a business address is one of the many requirements that each of the foreign company has to comply.

Renting a virtual office can be a great solution to penetrate into the hype of Indonesian markets and businesses. To know more about why and how you can legally rent and use your virtual office address to run your businesses in Indonesia, we give you a complete guide of renting virtual offices in Indonesia, particularly with Jakarta as your business address.


Like what have been mentioned earlier, the virtual office can help new company to run its business in Indonesia in a relatively lower budget—compare to physically build a new or rent the entire building. This solution will give you time to focus more on your business strategies and allocate the company budget to more important matters like the production or service areas.

The local government of Jakarta has issued a special regulation regarding to the use of virtual offices in the area. The regulation states that:

  1. Companies can use virtual offices as long as they meet the requirements decided by the government.
  2. The companies should attach several supporting documents, such as:
    • A copy of Jakarta ID Card (one of the directors or owners must have Indonesian citizenship and is resided in Jakarta)
    • A copy of a family card
    • A copy of an individual tax number or card
    • A copy of bank statement or a recommendation letter from the bank
    • A statement letter stating your willingness to provide all the documents and the requirements set by the
  3. The permit to use the virtual office can be given for one (1) year and can be extended based on the applied law.

Also, it is stated that you can use the space in your house as your business office, which means that you will have the same address for your house and your business. The advantage is you don’t need to pay extra money, but the downside of this idea is your business address will not look good as it is located in the residential address. You can also rent a co-working space in the low budget, but the problem is you still need to hire someone to do your daily tasks there and it means extra money you should spend.

Therefore, renting a virtual office is the best solution for your business since it gives you a business address in the prestigious location plus several other services that are included in the package that you choose. To know more about the advantages—and some possibly disadvantages of having a virtual office, we will discuss it for you.


Not only the advantages that have been mentioned earlier, but there are also some other benefits that you can obviously get from having a virtual office for your business.

To sum-up most of theme, here is the list of the benefits:

  • It reduces your cost. Having a virtual office is relatively affordable so that you don’t need to worry about the cost. This will give you more opportunities to allocate your time, energy, and budget to the other sectors. Moreover, you can also have more time to expand your business and test your market before you actually have your real office.
  • It comes with many different kinds of additional beneficial services. Depending on the package that you choose, there are some additional services that the provider gives to the company, such as:
A virtual assistant to help you answer the phone and email on the behalf of your company
Package and letter handling so that you can have all your business letters and packages received and then sent to your address
Call forwarding services to pass phone calls directly to your phone number
On demand meeting room with complete facilities that you can request to host your clients and hold important meetings
  • It gives you more flexibility—especially for start-ups—to enlarge the size of the employees without the need to move in a larger office space. Also, if you want to change location or move to another place, you still can run your business without problems.
  • It saves more money on technology and office furniture. You don’t need to invest on technology because the virtual offices usually offer furnished rooms with some basic technological devices, such as LCDs and internet access.
  • It save more time and reduce the level of stress. You don’t need to hire someone to be your personal assistant because the service includes it in the contract. Therefore, you can be so sure that a professional assistant will be ready to help you finishing your daily tasks.


However, there are also some possible disadvantages from renting a virtual office. Here are some of them:

  • Your employees do not experience a real teamwork since they work individually in their own houses.
  • Your employees may have problems with some self-driven tasks that require self-motivation
  • When your business expands, you need to be online all the time, otherwise there can be slight delay in communication.


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