Virtual Office versus Serviced Office: The benefits

The tight competition in office building sectors has been putting pressure on rental tariff. It is predicted that the situation will continue by the end of 2016. Therefore, there is an option for tenants to relocate to newer buildings, with more affordable rate and better quality features.


The Benefits 

Virtual office and serviced office come with competitive rental tariff and have been alternatives for various size of companies. A virtual office has been a solution for companies, especially for start-up companies who cannot afford conventional or real office in Jakarta.


Virtual Office

There are least three benefits of virtual office, compared to serviced ones.

First, it makes the most of networking opportunity. You are able to amazing people and gained new clients from co-working space.

Second, it makes you think about collaboration. You will experience that shared spaces are designed to ‘collisions’ and develop fruitful networking.

Third, it gives you room to grow. Key factors in choosing a perfect working space include easy to move. You should ask these questions: Can they find more space available when their companies grow? Are there sufficient meeting rooms which they can book anytime?

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Serviced Office

Another popular type of office as an alternative is the serviced office. Just like virtual office, serviced office offers its own advantages.

First, maintenance comes as standard. Spending money and time for maintaining an office can be considered as an unnecessary expense. A serviced office comes with solutions in including maintenance cost in the rental fee. It allows you to save money and time hiring janitors, technicians or cleaner to maintain the office space.

Second, short term lease agreements. You are able to pay at the end of every month for the facility they are using. The contracts will also come with more services and facilities. A serviced office also welcomes you to pay for what is needed. Other additional facilities and services such as meeting rooms, copiers, and staffs will be available when you need them. You can hire them when they are needed.

Third, serviced office provide you with customer service team. The team makes sure your work space running, including secretarial support, IT support, building maintenance and cleaning. So you do not need to handle associated staff recruitment and retention issues.

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However, both virtual and serviced offices shares one same benefit, which is networking opportunities. As what virtual office offers, serviced office also gives you the chance to network, mingle and do cross sell with other business residing in the same building.

It means that you can discuss many ideas with a wide variety of professionals from different industry every day.


Get a perfect solution for your office space problem can be tricky. Cekindo can help you to prepare the most suitable plan depends on your business needs. Contact us to get further info or you can drop your question in the form below. 



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