Virtual Office as Way Out for Experience Professional Office

Why should I spend money in virtual office instead of conventional office in Jakarta?

Buying an office space especially in the big city like Jakarta would need big amount of cost. Therefore choosing virtual office is definitely the best solution. We are sure that for some of the investors, choosing Virtual Office can be the win-win solution for them who often travel when running business, or run business from home.

In short, virtual office can be used for anybody who wants to reduce the cost for buying an office space. Besides of the office room that you can get, virtual office also usually provide supporting services that will make you feel the sensation as you are in own office.

Having complete understanding about the maximum advantages the investors will get with virtual office, Cekindo offer virtual office for you who interest in having prestigious address and also complete supporting facilities for your business. Cekindo offers the complete package for you which include strategic location with premium business address, and also other supporting services for your business.

Also, you do not need to be worry about how much money to buy a lot of new equipment, such as for the receptionist space, conference room, or even the pantry. Cekindo provide all the equipment with modern design and also complete equipment as you need in the office.

What else can I get from Cekindo’s virtual office?

Beside of the advantages of lower cost, our virtual office bring the benefit of reduce:

  • Burdens of payroll
  • Insurance
  • Records
  • Medical
To get more info about how virtual office can give many benefits for your business, contact us or put your comment in the form below.

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