The Benefits of Virtual Office for Small, Medium, and Big Companies

The current trend of virtual office (read: Virtual Office Trend in Indonesia) has provided immense advantages for all types of companies, from small, medium, and big companies. In this article we would like to show you some evidences on how virtual office benefits various sizes companies.

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As company owners or a member of top companies’ board and managerial team, you can consider the following things before you decide to rent a space in the virtual office.

Virtual Office for Small Companies and Startups

There are many benefits that small enterprises and startups can get from virtual office. Considering the limited amount of capital that small companies and startups (read: How to Start a Business in Indonesia) usually have as well as the many of necessities that these two companies should comply, renting a virtual office is often considered as the best option. Small companies usually use the virtual service for the following reasons:

#1. Cost Efficiency and Professional Business Address

When you just start running a company you need to manage the money effectively so that you can run your business smoothly and continuously. That is the reason why you can operating your business from your own garage or home office. However, it for sure has some drawbacks, including unprofessional business address. By using a service from a virtual office provider, you will not only get a representative business address, but also manage your capital wisely to pay for other important business needs.

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#2. Manpower Efficiency

You do not need to hire a personal assistant, a receptionist, or an office boy because you may choose the type of services you would like to have from the virtual office provider. You may have a virtual assistant that will help you to receive the phone call, answer the email based on your preferences, clean your office space when you are in the office, or greet and serve your guests when you occasionally hold a meeting in the office.

#3. Great Flexibility

You can always increase or downsize the type of services or renting package based on your need. It means that you only pay for what you really need and use. 

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#4. Complete Facilities with Minimum Expenses

Paying all the bills and building all the complete facilities of the office can be so costly. However, the virtual office provider usually gives all things you need to run your business, such as premium business address, high qualify virtual staff, technological devices, office equipment and furniture, office supplies, internet connection, engineers, as well as pantry and cafeteria. The best thing from it is that you only pay for the services you use.

#5. Opportunity to Know the New Market

Especially for startups, you seriously need to understand your market in order to penetrate successfully. If you spend too much money for the infrastructure, you cannot fully guarantee that your business will run as you expect. Renting a virtual office is the answer to solve this problem since you don’t need to allocate a lot of money and resources to set up your companies from zero. In addition, you can have more chance to observe your market as your business is growing.

Virtual Offices for Medium Company

Besides the benefits stated above, there are some additional benefits that medium companies usually have from the virtual office services:

#6. Opportunity to Get Talented Employees from Nationwide or Across the Globe

As your business expands, you need more talented people working for you. Asking the employee to come to the office everyday may cost you a lot of money. However, having your employees to work virtually from their homes is both effective and efficient. It can also boost the workers’ productivity as they are able to work in the environment that they feel comfortable with.

#7. Chances for Wider Networking

In business, networking is extremely important. By renting a virtual office, you may get the chances to expand your networking by meeting business people with the same mindset of business modernization like you. The networks do not always come from the same business, but also from various other business fields that also rent the virtual office in the same location. This will definitely improve your business insight, something you absolutely need in this phase of your company.

Virtual Office for Big Companies

Lastly, we will illustrate some plus points that a big company can get from renting a service of a virtual office. These include:

#8. Opportunity to Expand to New Location on Budget

You can expand your business into a larger scale by opening a representative or a new office overseas. You can do it more effectively and efficiently if you rent a virtual office because you don’t need to bet too much money on the new expansion.

#9. Assistance from Local Consultant Company

Some outstanding virtual office providers are run by professional local
consultant firm
 that have already had tons of experience to help foreign companies to open a market. This is a huge benefit since you are assisted by local consultant agency that have knowledge and understanding to deal with local bureaucracy as well as great and useful information about the market and the system.

#10. Handle Big Quantities of Phone Calls, Email, and Packages

For big companies, it is usually that you will receive so many correspondences, including mails, emails, and packages. You will also receive a large volume of phone calls from clients. Your virtual office is the best solution as you will find reliable assistants to do daily business routines.



Taking into consideration those 10 benefits of virtual offices, you notice that renting a virtual office can be the best solution for any types of business. Cekindo can provide you more details about the virtual office service, simply by just contacting us or drop your comment in the form below. In addition, we also eager to give you the best suggestions, supports, and assistance based on our best practice and experiences as one of the most reputable and respected consultancy firm in this country.




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