Choosing Serviced office in Jakarta: Do's and Don'ts

A company’s office is the representative of all the values, cultures, visions, and missions of your company. Therefore, choosing an office that can describe your overall company’s identity is so important. If you want to choose a serviced office in Jakarta, you need to notice several important points.


We want to help you by giving some hints on the safest ways to choose a serviced office in Jakarta.



Here are some important things that you should keep in mind whenever you wish to use the serviced office:

Do Research and Visit The Office in Person

Make sure that you have several options for the serviced office providers. Then, do a quick survey and visit all of them. By doing so, you can get general pictures on the office that you want to rent and also the daily journey that you will take to get there. Choose the one that is most convenient for you, and request for an office tour. Take sometimes to sit in those offices and you will find the one that match your business and your personalities (read:  The Differences between Virtual Office and Serviced Office).

Consider The Number of People Working with You

virtual office in JakartaDon’t rent an office that is too small or too big. It is crucial to determine the number of people working in the office before you do a research and survey the places. Some serviced offices offer a single office for 2-8 people, whereas some others can employ bigger crowds. This consideration is closely related to the budget you have (read: Virtual Office VS Serviced Office: The Benefits).


Think about Possibility to Expand

A healthy business will surely grow. Before you sign the first contract agreement with the serviced office company, consider about this possibility. This is the reason why flexibility is the main benefit of renting a serviced office. It means that short term contract is better for new businesses because who knows you will need larger office in the next 6 months.

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Find The Most Flexible Rental Agreement

Your business can grow so well, more than you expect. Make sure everything is fair and open. A good serviced office company usually will willingly answer all of your questions. If you sense that they are hiding something, you would better consider other places.

Emphasize on Security and Working Environment

When you visit the serviced office, look at the working environment—whether it is inviting, clean, and safe or not. The working environment will determine your working enthusiasm. On the other hand, the security of the building will make you work more comfortably. Get clear info from the provider about the security system of the office because you will work with several other companies in the same building—this includes the CCTVs, keys and access pass, etc. Ask also about the security of the internet and telephone connections.

Ask about Any Hidden Costs

The hidden costs are usually not informed at the beginning. However, you must ask whether the company will charge you for some hidden costs, including: the policy regarding to broken things, the extra cost related to refreshments (tea, coffee, sugar, etc.), internet, water, and electricity bills (are they included in the rental agreement or not), office maintenance (janitors, technician, etc. are included or not), etc (read: 5 Points to Consider in Finding Perfect Serviced Office for Your Business).

Access Duration

How long will the building open in a day? Does it allow you to access the office 24/7? Will the air conditioner, internet, lift, electricity, water, and other facilities can be accessed 24/7? Should you pay extra cost if you use the office longer than common office hours? These questions are closely related to the nature of your business.



Now, it is time for you to consider several things that you should not do when choosing a serviced office.

Rely on A Single Option

Serviced Office in JakartaThe top number one advice to choose the best serviced office is to compare several good options. There are many micro factors that determine the working performance of the staff, including the design of the office, the color of the room, the width of the space, the grouping of the tables, the accents of the office—including the decoration, paintings, plants, etc., the position of the office—heading East, North, or West, and many other details. You can only find the best if you compare several serviced office. Take sometimes to be in the office—alone and in silence—to really feel whether the office is suitable for your company or not. 

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Price Does Matter

It is all about your taste and the company identity that you wish to build. Consider about the rental price and the budget that you have is very important. However, you need to remember that cheaper price does not always good and more expensive one does not always mean a better service. That is why comparing several options is crucial. If you are lucky, you can have relatively fair price for the best services.

Be Rash

Take your time to choose the best one for your company. Re-confirm the information whenever necessary. The point is: DON’T BE IN A RUSH because your office is an essential aspect of your business.

How Cekindo Can Help You

Located in the prestigious location in Jakarta, we offer you working spaces that are functional, comfortable, secure, and high class with relatively competitive price. In addition, our core business as a consulting firm is another advantage that you can get from choosing our company. We will give you the best solution for all of your needs, including legal documents, human resource, company establishment, etc.

Contact us for more information and we are happy to serve you and help you expand in Indonesia.




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