Using Virtual office: Cut expenses, save budget

Using virtual office services will, indeed, save a lot of money for the company. However, do you know what expenses you actually cut if you decide to choose a virtual office? We will show you some hints on how you can reap financial benefits if you run your business in a virtual office.

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Budget for Office Space

Office rent or lease can be so expensive, especially if the company wants to reside in a premium business location. By using a virtual office, you can cut down budget for an office space. However, it does not mean that you will get less since there are many facilities provided by the service depending on a kind of package that you choose. You still have all the functions of an office by paying lower amount of money. Some of the benefits include working space, meeting room, lounge, pantry, virtual staff, etc. Read: Most Common Question about Office Space

Setting-Up Cost

You don’t need to spend your money on expensive office furniture and equipment, such as office desks, chairs, computers, copy machines, printers, projectors, etc. The virtual office provider will give you the basic needs that every office wants. You only pay what you truly need and use in your daily business operation. If you demand for more, you can always contact your virtual office provider for an upgrade. Read: The Benefits of Virtual Office for Small, Medium and Big Companies

Utility Bills

Imagine how much you have to pay for electricity, water, internet, and telecommunication bills every month. With the use of virtual office, you pay in a flat rate for all of your office bills, and this is at a lot lower cost. Read: Virtual Office Trend in Indonesia

Monthly Supplies

Every office needs monthly supplies, ranging from office stationery to drinking water, coffee, tea, and sugar. This monthly supplies can cost you a lot of money and you absolutely don’t need to pay for this if you use the virtual office. Once again, you only pay for the thing or service that you use. Read: The Differences between Virtual Office and Serviced Office

Staff for Daily Operation

If you run your business from your own conventional office, you need to hire people to do your daily tasks. You need to pay their monthly salary no matter how big or low their workloads are. Most of the virtual offices offer the service of virtual staff that is professional and reliable. They will receive your call, fax, and mails on your behalf. They will then be forwarded to you. It is part of the benefits that you receive as you use the virtual office services.

Also, if you want to have some meetings, there will also be some staff who are ready to help you with all of your needs during the meeting. You only need to call them and inform the things that you may need in your business meeting. Some virtual office providers also offer services to provide refreshments and meals in the meeting. Read: How to Get Virtual Office in Jakarta

Regular Maintenance

Every office pays a large sum of money for maintenance, such as building, electricity, piping, equipment, and technical maintenance. However, all of the maintenance costs are the responsibility of the virtual office providers. In some conditions, you will also be asked to take the responsibility of the reparation if you are the one who are liable for the damage, for example if you break the property of the virtual office when you use it. Read: Comparing Virtual Office and Conventional Office


Setting up technology in your office is also costly, for example reliable internet connection and CCTV. With virtual office, you don’t need to think about it since all is provided by the virtual office provider.

Pay As You Go

It is interesting that more and more business in today’s era are using international talents based on the need of the business. The good thing about it is you can pay them per project, which means that you don’t need to pay the salary if you have had the project done. You can also hire the best talents internationally on budget.

Commuting Cost

For sure, you can work anywhere you like, such as from home or your favorite café. This will lower your and the employees’ commuting costs. Everyone will be happier to work in places they will feel comfortable. This also gives you an additional benefit of increasing productivity.


Get Virtual Office Now

Those are some of the things your company can save if you choose to run your business with the help of virtual office. It is a trend that suits almost all types of companies from various different sizes. You can contact us to get more information about virtual office. Our core business as a consulting firm will add more advantages, especially for companies that want to explore the emerging Indonesian market.




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