On Marriage and Business Visas

If you’re a businessperson and are married to an Indonesian, then you have a distinct advantage – at least in the visa standpoint. It is much easier for you to go travel in and out of the country as well as find work and conduct your business and research.

Advantages of Being Married to an Indonesian

Being married to an Indonesian doesn’t mean you’re already an Indonesian. In other words, their benefits as local citizens do not extend to you. You still have to secure certain types of visas and permits for you to work, do business, and live in the country.

However, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

1. More Options When Doing Business

Cekindo can help you set up the most ideal business for you, depending on your industry, capital, and knowledge or expertise. The good news is marriage to an Indonesian can make it much simpler and easier.

For one, your spouse can be a local nominee or a part of the PT PMA company, which means he or she becomes one of the shareholders. (Note, though, under the Indonesian rule, you need to submit a prenuptial agreement that outlines the separation of your assets.) Furthermore, your spouse can buy land for you.  

Under the Immigration Law, you and your spouse can set up UD (usaha dagang). Your Indonesian spouse can register the business and get you for employment. If you want to limit liabilities to company assets, you can create a CV (commanditaire vennootschap) or a limited liability partnership.a

This kind of business entity is still meant for Indonesian citizens, who assume the roles of managing and limited partners. However, like in UD, your spouse, who should be half of the partners, can hire you without additional legwork as long as you’re holding a KITAS or a KITAP.

2. Business and Work

Whether you want to have a single- or multiple-entry business visas, Cekindo is here to process it quickly and efficiently. Our company can also sponsor your Indonesia business visa if it’s necessary.

But if you’re thinking of doing business in the country for years, you’ll find re-applying for visas to be tedious.

When you’re married to an Indonesian, your spouse can sponsor your single-visit visa while you process your KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara), which is a non-permanent residence permit. It is renewable and valid for 6 to 12 months.

You can then convert KITAS to KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap), or a permanent residence permit, if you are married for two years. This visa has a much longer effect, which is 5 years. The renewal process can extend it for another 5 years.

Either KITAS or KITAP doesn’t mean you can now work immediately. You still need to secure a work permit called IMTA, in which case your company processes such permit and pays the development fund. But the ease of owning these residence permits help you look for a job more easily and quickly.

Note: Need help in getting your Indonesia work permit fast ? Call Cekindo today and let one of our consultants guide you through the process.

How to Get Your KITAS Quick

Obtaining a business visa in Indonesia with your spouse as your sponsor is actually easy, although it’s not always straightforward. It involves working with the Indonesian Immigration, getting a telex or a visa approval from your Indonesian embassy of choice, and submitting quite a number of documents, including proof of your marriage.

It may get complicated if you have your wedding overseas, you are a citizen of one of the restricted countries, or you have been blacklisted (before or presently).

Cekindo is Indonesia’s top business solutions company. Our consultants are ready to assist you in many ways, including drafting letters and processing your and your spouse’s documents, and obtaining your spouse visa. We’ll make it efficient, stress free, and hassle free for you.

Call us today at +6221 80660999 and talk to one of our expert consultants.  

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