Comparing Virtual Office and Conventional Office

In this special article, you will see the comparison between:

Virtual Office – Conventional Office.

In the past, the word “office” referred to a particular place owned by an enterprise or institution where a person or a group of people gather to perform certain tasks given by the company or organization. People had to commute from their houses to the offices. Too often, they had to travel a long distance and spent a lot of time on the road. This practice is still done by a number or people.


However, with the development of internet and technology, a new definition of a “virtual office” has finally emerged.


You will see what advantages and disadvantages you can get from both types. If you are more interested in serviced office space, read more information Serviced Office.


No. Things to Compare Virtual Office Conventional Office
1. The cost of establishment Reasonable price, especially for start-ups, mid size businesses, and companies entering a new market. High cost, since you need to buy or rent the land or the building.
2. Facilities The completeness of the facilities highly depends on the services provided by the virtual office providers and the package which you choose. The completeness of the facilities highly depends on the needs of the company and the cost that the company will put to provide the facilities.
3. Operational cost and maintenance • A lot cheaper because many of the bills have been incorporated into the package.
• You do not need to hire people to perform the daily maintenance (e.g. office boys/girls, janitors, security people, etc.)
• Relatively more expensive because you have to pay each of the bill by yourself (electricity, phone & internet, water bill, etc.)
• You must spend more money to hire people to perform the daily maintenance (e.g. office boys/girls, janitors, security people, etc.)
4. Time More efficient and flexible because you can work anytime from anywhere you want without actually go to the office. Inefficient because you need to commute and you can stuck in the traffic jam.
5. Productivity and Creativity Studies show that employees’ productivity and creativity are enhanced because:
• you are not stressful with the traffic jam.
• you don’t need to stick on the 8 AM-5 PM working routine, so that you can work at any time on your convenience, every time creative ideas come and anywhere you are.
• you have more time to think of and surrounded by your loved ones (e.g. families) so that you feel supported to eagerly work.
Studies show that although productivity and creativity can be sustained, but there is a potential of falling productivity and creativity because:
• you are so stressful with the routine (8 AM-5 PM office hours) and traffic problems
• you may experience some personal problems that decrease your productivity and creativity (e.g. when the members of the family is sick or when female workers have to leave the children and cannot breastfeed the babies)
6. Pressure from peers and the boss You will experience lower levels of pressure. It can be a good or a bad thing, but some recent researches show that less pressure will lower stress in the workplace, which at the end increases productivity and effectiveness. Stress is generally high because of the existence of tough competitions and direct surveillance from the boss. For some people, this condition hinders creativity and reduces productivities.
7. Social Interaction • Less of direct social activities with colleagues, but more opportunity to build wider networks for both online and offline. This is good for business, especially business related to creative ideas, promotion, marketing, and services.
• More social interaction with families and friends, promoting a more balanced life that is good to keep the working mood.
• More direct interaction with co - workers or colleagues, but you will typically meet similar people every single day that triggers boredom and conflicts.
• Less social interaction with family and friends so that you will have less time to meet people who truly and sincerely support you.
8. Daily cost for the employee Lower, because you don’t need to spend more money on transportation, lunch, after working hour entertainment, etc. Higher because you need to spend more on transportation, lunch, entertainment, etc.
9. Formal meeting or gathering with co-workers and clients Possible, by taking the service of using the office or meeting room in the virtual office building. Possible, by using the office facilities.
10. Front officer (Receptionist) and Personal Assistant Do not need to hire a receptionist and a personal assistant because this service is provided by the virtual office provider. Should hire at least one personal officer and one front officer to take care of the daily business activities.

Considering the things above, there are so many advantages of using the service of a virtual office.


With the sophistication and advancement of technology, business operations can be done without actually own a physical office.


You can have more freedom to concentrate more on your business and let the virtual office and the virtual staff handling your daily activities.  

We will help you to provide your daily business necessities and activities though the services we give in our virtual office. For further details, including virtual office choices of packages, you can send us your questions or contact us directly.


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