Recruitment Indonesia: Tips & Tricks for Hiring Right Employees

When talking about recruitment in Indonesia, as an entrepreneur, have you ever thought of how your new hire can contribute to your business? Is the candidate right in front of you perfect for the job? Hiring the right employees is critical because it can either be a godsend or a disaster. As a business ready for success, you need to have a well-established recruitment process, or a reliable outsourcing firm for hiring.

When it comes to a black and white resume, as a smart business owner, you should never solely rely on that to hire. You should also look for employee’s other attributes such as the ability to handle uncertainty, and always have the curiosity to learn. Beyond the resume, here are some tips and tricks we’ll cover in this guide for you to find the right employees. 

Recruitment in Indonesia: How to Hire the Right Employee

Get Someone Who’s Committed

Candidates with a high commitment to their jobs are the people you need to hire. Candidates who do job-hopping frequently in search for higher salaries are those you may want to stay away from. So, always verify the candidate's former job duration before you make a hiring decision.

Improve Your Hiring Process Constantly

Treating the hiring process as your priority regardless the size of your company is the right thing to do. Establish a solid hiring process, and if you can’t do that yourself, an HR consultant can help you make the head start.

In general, you should incorporate the following steps into your recruiting and hiring process:

  • Ask the right questions: know candidates’ skills, experience, capabilities, and knowledge
  • Understand their potential, confidence, and attitude
  • For job advertisement, all job requirements must be clearly stated. These requirements are skills, experience, education, and other specialisations. 
  • The hiring process shall involve more than one person to evaluate the candidate. This is to gain more opinions in order to have the best people. 

Examine Candidates’ Analytical and Learning Skills

It is vital for you to have some methodologies in place to assess candidates’ analytical and learning skills. As mentioned earlier, a wise business owner will always look beyond the resume, as resume will sometimes lie. 

Check Out Their Social Media

Asking the right questions during the interview is of course critical for hiring. One extra tip for you to analyse your candidates through their social media presence. 
A candidate with a negative social media presence might not be the one you want for your business. Nowadays, many companies have started their recruitment process through social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Traits of a Right Employee

Now you know the how-to, here are the traits of best employees you should pay attention to during the hiring process:

  • They are enthusiastic and passionate about their career
  • They exhibit their strong interest by following up or sending you a thank-you note
  • They are listeners. You’ll be able to observe this during the interview process. Candidates who interrupt all the time might do the same to your clients as well
  • They are humorous, positive and bring good energy to the workplace
  • They are curious to know more about the job and company, willing to learn more and embrace changes
  • They are flexible and be able to multitask when necessary
  • They have the correct attitude and personality to fit into your current work culture

Why You Should Outsource Hiring to Cekindo

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