Register Your Business in Indonesia Online: It Is Possible

Indonesia is consistently working on being Southeast Asia’s best place to do business. Now you can register a company in Indonesia online. The online system is called Online Single Submission (OSS), and it permits some processes such as location permit, building permit and environmental permit to be done online.

The government through the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has integrated this online system for business registration, for the sake of simplifying Indonesia's infamously long bureaucratic procedures.

The effort was to attract more investment from both domestic and foreign sources. The OSS electronic licensing service has made online business registration possible, so if you would like to start your business in Indonesia, you probably do not want to miss more about the OSS in this article.

How does OSS Work

The application process starts with creating an OSS account. You will receive a link generated automatically and sent to your email address with all login details. To get the login access to the OSS system, you do not need to provide any documentation.

Next, for this online registration to work, business owners will need to key in the Population Identification Number (NIK), the ratification number of the deed of establishment, the registration number of the company, business entity or organization established by a cooperative, foundation, firm partnership, community partnership, and civil partnership.

You will also need to include the legal basis for the formation of public companies, other legal entities owned by the state, regional public companies, public broadcasting institutions, or public service bodies. Then, the system will process with the Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) if the business owner does not have one.

Once NPWP is issued, OSS will then process the Employer Identification Number (NIB). NIB is a number in 13 digits, which is secure and needs to be accompanied by electronic signatures.  NIB will, later on, act as a business identity for a business owner to acquire business licenses and other operational or commercial permits.

In addition, the function of NIB does not stop here. As an applicant, you will need NIB to apply for Import Identification Number (API), Company Registration Certificate (TDP), and other rights of customs access.

Business owners with NIB will also be registered for the employment insurance and health social security. If you are to employ foreign workers, on the OSS system page, you will have to submit ratification of the Plan for the Use of Foreign Workers (RPTKA).

Once you have business licenses obtained through OSS, you will be able to proceed with the land acquisition, construction of buildings and operations, land area change, equipment or facilities procurement, human resources, production, and production testing services.

Obstacles of Company Registration through OSS

It is worth noting that the OSS  has not been fully implemented yet and it does not completely replace previous regulations in terms of company registration and licensing. Thus, you will still require a reliable agent to simplify the entire process for you and explain the requirements and the current state of the implementation.

Through the assistance from Cekindo, you will be able to form a company in a timely manner without wondering about the next steps.

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