New Regulation of Virtual Office in Jakarta

There are many reasons why using virtual office Jakarta can be the best option for your business, but the question is:

Does virtual office allowed in Jakarta, Indonesia?

Using virtual office can be the efficient way for establishing company in Indonesia. It also has been supported by many parties include Indonesia government.

Since Indonesia government does not allow the using of residential address for a company, it can obstruct the process of company registration in Indonesia. Therefore, big amount of money must be located to own physical office. It is not the most suitable way out for them who just start up their company in Indonesia.

Hence, virtual office assumed as the efficient solution for many investors who want to start their business in Indonesia but still in limited budget, foreign investors, or for them who travel a lot that physical office is not suitable for them.


As a form of supporting virtual office, Indonesia government represented by Badan Penyelenggara Terpadu Satu Pintu (BPTSP) DKI Jakarta issued the new regulation about the licensing of virtual office through Surat Edaran Nomor 06/ SE/ 2016. In this new regulation, it is written that government gives the permit for legalizing company addressed in virtual office. It related to the function of virtual office that can increase the economic growth in Indonesia. It can also help many parties in succeed their business.



Virtual Office Jakarta - New regulation 2016

  1. Company from various sectors can own domicile letter after complete needed requirements.
  2. In the domicile letter and other permit letter, both the address of virtual office and the real address where the business run must be mentioned.
  3. The maximum validity for domicile letter in virtual office is one year, and after that it can be extended.
  4. The maximum validity for business permit is one year, and after that it can be extended.


Instead of helping many company get legalize, virtual office also provide many facilities to support the running of the business.

Virtual office usually offer for reception services, complete furniture as on professional office, and also supporting amenities such as broadband internet, meeting room, lounge and so on. Thus, many investors can start their business complete with all amenities to support them. Virtual office ensures you get all you need meanwhile you can focus running your business.

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