The Opening of Bali Shared Office

CEO and co-founder of Industrious Jamie Hodari explains how every business needs great working environments for them to “grow and succeed” and how sadly only very few are actually able to do so. Hodari added how that is no secret at all because creating an excellent workplace is a “complicated, opaque, and very expensive process.”

Such is the X factor that shared and co-working spaces offer. And Cekindo has seen all the opportunities that these perspective opens and the advantages that the industry provides, thus, their growing investment focused on the excellent concept of the virtual and shared office spaces.

With that said, Cekindo takes prides in announcing the opening of their Bali shared office on 6 November, which will be an extension of all that the company has always represented: flexibility, client-centeredness, and excellence.

While an entirely new physical location, the Bali shared office offers the same features and functions that the Jakarta shared headquarters provide. As a leading provider of shared spaces and virtual offices, Cekindo shares its enthusiasm across its community of business partners, clients, customers, as well as its internal staff who come to them not only because they need to get some work done, but because they long for the very things that their shared office spaces are renowned for: collaboration, networking, and community.   


For more information on the event and for details on the available shared office packages that you can take advantage of with the Bali headquarters, don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly consultants online, through email, or through phone at +6221.80660900.





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