Shared Office Spaces: The New Alternative to Work from Home

As the Internet becomes more popular in Indonesia, more people are leveraging the technology to find and work at home. But, life and jobs are all about choices, and in the country, one of the best options for telecommuting is a co-working office space in Indonesia.

Why You Should Consider a Co-Working Space in Jakarta and Bali

Co-working space is a fast-growing office setup wherein various businesses share the facilities within the office. The co-working space can range from the Internet to pantry, meeting rooms, and lobbies. There may also be a customer and tech support that provides services to lessees that need them.

To be in a co-working space means being in a physical office to do your job, meet your clients, or do your presentations. It doesn’t shield you from the hassle of traveling, but it’s worth it because:

1. You need a professional business address.

In Indonesia, you cannot complete your company registration if you don’t have an office address, which is different from the address of your residence. When you take advantage of a co-working space Jakarta or Bali through Cekindo, you will have not only a prestigious office address but also a domicile letter, which is one of your requirements.

2. It helps build the company culture.

Why is company culture important? Not only is it part of your business identity, but it also guides you with the people you want to work with or for. It also gives your enterprise the correct vision and direction.

Many managers believe work at home strips or reduce company culture. Although collaboration is still high, there’s nothing that can truly compensate the intimacy that face-to-face interaction brings. Granted, many of these physical interactions such as meetings or chitchats are certified time wasters, they also help build a team with members who feel the sense of belonging.

3. It promotes better work ethic.

Many people thrive working at home, and their dedication to what they do is unquestionable. However, a co-working office space in Jakarta and Bali can help enhance a person’s work ethic in many ways. It teaches you about commitment. It gives you inspiration and motivation seeing others perform their jobs.

4. It can change your perspective.

Remember the quote “No man is an island”? Its meaning becomes more impactful when you’re working from home. You can be a horse with the blinders on, but by being too focused on your own vision, you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities around you.

One of the best things about being in a co-working office space in Indonesia is you can feed on other people’s dreams, goals, and talent. At the very least, their drive and ideas can also give you new ways to find growth in the business or money-making opportunities.

Having a co-working office space in Jakarta or Bali doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Cekindo provides high-quality service and co-working office spaces in Indonesia at a price you can surely afford.

While nothing is stopping you from pursuing work from home, you should also open yourself to other possibilities like a co-working space.  

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