Should Your Business Buy a Shelf Company

If you are planning to do business in Indonesia, buying a shelf company can be one of the many options, without all the lengthy and complicated procedure. This allows you to jumpstart your business and join the market in a rather short period of time.

But what is a shelf company? A shelf company is a ready-made company that can be either a freshly established entity with clean records or an aged corporation - a business that is registered and left to age for a certain period on purpose. Shelf companies in Indonesia are ready with a certificate of incorporation without any business activities, bank accounts, and liabilities.

This article gives you an overview of the advantages of buying a shelf company in Indonesia, and become the business owner in this growing Indonesian economy.

So, Why Buy a Shelf Company in Indonesia?

Shelf companies offered by Cekindo are in the form of local PT companies, instead of PT PMA. You can read more in regard to setting up a company in Indonesia and requirements of a shelf company here.

Doing business in Indonesia by purchasing a shelf company is popular among new business owners. You will consider buying a shelf company in Indonesia when:

1. You need a registered business entity for immediate use

  • You may have a huge business opportunity which requires legit company details in a very short period of time
  • You have reached an agreement with your business partner to start a business in Indonesia, but he or she who aren’t going to stay in Indonesia any longer

2. You need credibility and trust for future loans and more business opportunities

  • You have a better chance to get access to credit and business loans in the future
  • You will be eligible for credit facilities, industry benefits with a better standing than a new incorporation

Key Advantages

For going-to-be business owners doing business in Indonesia, who can’t wait too long to get your business incorporated with a shelf company, you can find more benefits of buying a shelf company as such:

1. Short Processing Time

All new companies in Indonesia usually take 5 - 10 weeks to be incorporated.  You can reduce the time required for company registration in Indonesia to 1-2 days.

2. Instant Option

You will be able to change the names of your business, directors, and shareholders immediately. This will be the fastest option to get into the Indonesian market.

3. Peace of Mind

Buying a shelf company from Cekindo will not need you to go through all the process and preparation of documents in Indonesia.

The Final Thought

You should always do your due diligence and consider if a shelf company is your best go-to option.

Cekindo offers shelf companies with no negative history to cater to your needs. Choose the one you prefer now and get ready to start your business in Indonesia.

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