Small Business Ideas in Indonesia for Little or Almost No Cost

Nowadays, many people, especially those aspiring entrepreneurs, are ready to leave the rat race and look for something that feeds their entrepreneurial passion. However, the startup costs to start a business can be a significant hurdle.

Fortunately, in this digital era with so many resources available, it is now relatively easy to start a business from scratch without injecting a lot of money.  For those who have big dreams but limited capital, you’re in luck because in this article, Cekindo has highlighted 5 small business ideas in Indonesia that you can start for little or almost no cost.

Content Writing Service

If you are using social media and the Internet yourself, you will see that new content is popping up non-stop 24/7.  This trend of content marketing has created ample amount of opportunities for creatives such as content writers and designers.

All you need is a laptop, writing software and a quiet place such as a coworking space or a small private office to do your work. The cost is almost zero if you do it in your own home.

Event Planning Service

For those who are highly organised with a knack of putting events or parties together, an event planning business might be the choice for you to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream.

Events that require planning include weddings, class reunions, birthday parties, and anniversaries. By providing your event planning services, it allows your clients to have exciting parties without organising them themselves. There are many ways for you to get clients and experience, such as cold calling, LinkedIn, and freelancing platforms.

Virtual Assistant Service

If you are one of those who have high organisational skills, many entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses will need your assistance. These entrepreneurs usually do not have time to handle all things by themselves. Thus, they will hire a virtual assistant or personal assistant, so that they can focus on tasks that generate the highest returns.

A virtual assistant can perform many of those secretarial or daily tasks without being at the client’s office or on-site. You can just make money and work from the comfort of your home with no startup cost at all.

If you find your home to be rather distracting, you can always opt for a co-working space or small private office that provides you with the best working ambience and facilities.

Social Media Consulting Service

As you can see, social media once again creates business opportunities for many people. While big companies often hire a full-time employee or an agency to take care of their social media accounts and blogs, due to the lack of budget, small businesses always handle their own social media marketing.

In this case, a social media consultant will be able to determine the best social media strategy for these small business owners. What’s more, you can also help them to create a posting schedule, generate ideas and content to reach their target audience at an affordable price.

Translation Service

Speaking more than one language fluently? You can know turn this talent into a money-earning ability. Thanks to globalisation, many companies in Indonesia have business transactions around the world.

However, not every country speaks and understands Indonesian language and not every person in the world can understand English language. Therefore, with the mastery of two or more languages, you will be able to start you translation service online right away.

Cekindo’s Co-working Space and Private Office Solutions

Most of the mentioned business ideas will cost you almost nothing as you do not have to spend money on renting an expensive physical office and hiring employees.

However, a nice and quiet environment is highly recommended to boost your productivity, especially during the early stages of your business.

Cekindo provides co-working spaces and private offices in Jakarta, Bali and Semarang. All come with high-speed internet, administrative support, dedicated receptionist, meeting rooms, etc. at very affordable prices. Reach out to us now to find out more.


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