Small, Startup, and Co-working: Will It Work for You?

There’s a growing demand for working office space in Indonesia driven primarily by the need to reduce business costs, take advantage of the office’s strategic location, and connect with other fledgling local and international businesses.

With its popularity, you may also be interested in getting a working space Jakarta or Bali. But you need to answer the most basic question first: will this be the right setup for you?

Consider an office space in Indonesia if and when:

1. You are a startup.

Startups refer not only to financial technology businesses but to any enterprise setting up shop in the country. Opening a business in the country is costly. An Indonesian limited liability company or called Perseroan Terbatas (PT) would need around IDR2.5 billion (approx. USD188,508) of paid-up capital for large businesses.

Startups engaged in tech would require bigger money for applications and hiring of special skills. Thus, a huge part of their funding comes from venture capitalists.

Meanwhile, companies that are starting to set up an office in Indonesia do not have to rent an entire floor or several units right away. They can take advantage of a co-working space, which can also function as a serviced office Jakarta and Bali that provides access to business facilities such as meeting rooms, mail handling, and phone calls.

Note, though, Cekindo is here to assist you in company registration in Indonesia. We provide services for quick and efficient office and business setup in the country.

2. You are looking for talents.

Indonesia prioritizes its local people. Under the law, companies that want to hire foreign workers should not only justify the need but also get a local worker. The ratio is basically 3:1. Moreover, these firms also have to pay fees to a public fund at USD100 for every month of stay.

With an office space in Jakarta or Bali, startups have the opportunity not only to network but to tap existing local and foreign talents who are ready to collaborate and are actively looking for new clients. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these varied businesses to partner and find new financial opportunities together.

3. You find setting up a business in Indonesia complex.

For a lot of investors, opening a business in the country is challenging and confusing, but a co-working space can make it easier for you through access to local partners. Our company also offers FREE business consultation with one of our specialists on company registration.

Don’t Want a Physical Office?

A physical office, more so a co-working space, doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you prefer to work by yourself, make the most of flexibility, spend even less on your business operations, or avoid commuting altogether, you can consider a virtual office in Indonesia.

Cekindo has premier offices located in two of the most popular locations in the country: Jakarta and Bali. Choosing either a virtual office in Jakarta or a co-working office space in Bali means having a legitimate address you need for your domicile letter that speeds up your company registration.

Let us know how we can help you. You can call us at +6221 80660999. You can also send us an email at, submit an order form, or chat live with one of our representatives now.




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