Smooth Transition from Traditional to Virtual Office in Jakarta

There is a great number of businesses starting to transform from working in a traditional workspace to adopting a virtual office in Jakarta. Making the switch is an excellent way for companies to cut down costs significantly, gain flexibility and extend your professional network and talent acquisition capability.

However, after so many years of working in a brick-and-mortar environment, the transition from a traditional office to a virtual office may be a tough one for many. Entrepreneurs who are new to the virtual office concept must look into all aspects of the transition, identify the challenges they may encounter and come up with solutions. As such, there is definitely a learning curve for business owners to go through. 

Did you know that your transition from a permanent office to a virtual office in Jakarta can be a smooth one if you read and apply the tips we are going to tell you in this article? Read on.

Transition to a Virtual Office in Jakarta: The Tips

Consider a Test Run 

Since the subscription of virtual office can be short term with its extra services on a pay-as-you-use basis, you have the opportunity to test them out before deciding on making the virtual office your long-term office. 

It is highly recommended for you to test out different virtual offices in Jakarta, and finally choose the most efficient and convenient for you, your employees and your clients. Not only should you do a test run on the location, you need to test out all other services and tools in the virtual office such as technology, meeting rooms, and other configurations. 

Effective Communications about the Transition 

Communicate to your employees regarding the switch clearly and effectively before you actually do so. As a thoughtful leader, you should tell your people what the reasons are for the transition. Once the move is finally realised, there should be policies and procedures in place to help them get familiar with the new technology and the system. 

Collaborative Work Environment 

Virtual employees do not just work in isolation. They need to share ideas and collaborate with other workers in order to create and complete their tasks and projects. Therefore, when you opt for a virtual office, you need to utilise productive tools and apps such as Slack and Confluence to make sure that all members involved are kept in the loop and ahead of deadline. 

Share Files and Manage Projects

Other than ensuring that projects are delivered timely and cost-effectively, business owners must integrate effective file-sharing system for their virtual office as part of efficient project management. Using only email and basic cloud storage will not do the job and sooner or later your team will become so disorganized and you will lose track of the progress as well as your important documents. Investing in a reliable and centralized backup and repository system for your virtual office is definitely a wise decision.  

Set up and Enforce Virtual Office Policies

Practices and behaviours that are deemed appropriate and inappropriate must be clearly defined and stated in the virtual office policies to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. For instance, code of conduct, role expectations, and ethical business and personal practices. Furthermore, the company is responsible to educate their employees in accordance with the policies including the employee handbook. 

How Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Jakarta can Help Your Business

Cekindo understands that you want to elevate your business to the international stage in Jakarta, and perhaps the rest of the cities, without the heavy upfront investments. We also know that you do not want to be limited by the regional constraints that will prevent your business to achieve its fullest potential. 

With Cekindo’s virtual office in Jakarta, you can stretch your business extensively and become a global entrepreneur as that you have always dreamt about. Whether you need a meeting room, a representation in Jakarta, extra work spaces for a while to accommodate your team that have outgrown your current office, we provide a complete solution to meet your office requirements. Be part of the growing ecosystem now and maintain your capital outlay and day-to-day costs to the minimum!

Get in touch with us should you require further information or purchase one of our virtual office packages directly online.

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